Tuesday, September 18, 2012

things I hate. installment #1.

no, I don’t mean stuff like hunger or child abuse or war… this is much more shallow than that. and I don’t mean stuff like vomit, either, although I’m pretty sure EVERYONE knows how much I hate that. no, this is more along the lines of “mundane things I hate to do, even though they’re not that hard”. I’m thinking about this now because I was looking around at some things I should really take care of today, and realizing that they need to be done because I really hate to do them. if I didn’t, they would already be done.

  1. washing out muffin tins. grrrrr… this drives me crazy. I swear all the junk never comes all the way out, and even if I use cupcake papers (which I’m usually out of), there’s always the drip or slop that didn’t quite make it into its designated hole. 004
  2. washing paintbrushes and paint cups. this is partially a throw back to my days of teaching preschool when I had to do this EVERY. DAY. something about old tempera paint (actually, even new tempera paint, now that I think about it) is really gross to me… this is why I avoid letting my kids paint like the plague. it’s one thing if 20 kids are going to use those paints and brushes. that’s worth it. but for 2? no way. I know I’m a totally sucky mom there, but I’m sure I make up for it somewhere else… I’m just sure of it.006
  3. folding mattress pads. this is similar to folding fitted sheets (which I also hate, btw), but on steroids. they are big and puffy, they don’t fold evenly, they don’t fit easily in a drawer, nor do they stack nicely in a closet. really, the only good place for these is ON a mattress. sadly, these are not mine, they are my parents’ and I washed them for them… and now they sit here. because I don’t want to fold them, and I don’t know what to do with them… 007
  4. ironing THESE pants. these are dave’s, and as you can see, they look like they need to be ironed, even though they’ve already been ironed. but that’s not even the worst part of it. they are a PAIN IN THE BUTT to iron. something about the way they are cut (which is actually REALLY flattering on my husband – thus the reason they are still in my house) makes them impossible to iron easily. they require a lot of fidgeting and manipulation, and ironing only small areas at a time and, inevitably you wind up ironing in wrinkles that you didn’t have to begin with. There’s also something about the fabric that makes them VERY reluctant to release their wrinkles. let me assure you that I am not an amateur ironer. I iron quite a bit. I actually enjoy it, most of the time. I come from a line of ironers… my grandmother used to iron my grandpa’s underwear, for goodness sake and my mom had me ironing pillowcases when I was in elementary school! I know how to iron… I know about sprinkling tough wrinkles with water, I know about the steam setting, I know the proper angles to use on the board and the proper heat settings on the iron. but these pants are my nemesis. I’m totally serious.008

at any rate, that’s my list of despised things for today. I’m sure I’ll come across plenty more, but that’ll do for now.

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