Friday, September 7, 2012

painting micah’s room

this post is WAY picture heavy, so it will be light on the words. a little back story, though. for christmas last year, the kids all got “new rooms” for their gifts. bedding, lamps, coordinating décor items, etc. and PAINT. well, not exactly paint… home depot gift cards from gramma and papa FOR paint.

but we never painted. we moved instead.

and then we had ross, our summer houseguest using micah’s room and he was back in with layla again.

so FINALLY, we got busy! we spent our labor day weekend painting both micah’s and layla’s rooms. micah was first. he chose blue. he actually chose navy blue, but I vetoed that and we went for the OTHER blue that was in his bedding.053057060063064067

yup, we painted subliminal messages onto the wall. just key points that micah NEEDS to know! ;) and then we painted over them.076010014011077079080

I checked the color match… looks like we did pretty well!084

and, after a few days of drying and getting all furniture in and arranged, I put up the last few things. (ignore the pile of layla’s bedding in the bottom right… she was camping out in there while we painted her room.138139140141142

the bedding/décor is target’s circo “older sports” line (as opposed to their previous sports line of bedding which was similar, but not quite the same). The quilt, bedding, lamp, piggy bank, wall decals, and 3 square canvas prints are all part of that line. the “all star” coat rack came from hobby lobby. the paint is behr paint with primer in “gentle sky”. I love it! love love love this room!

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