Friday, September 28, 2012


yay!!!! it’s friday!!!!

which also means it’s instafriday, and I get to share my small squares with the world… you know, because the world totally cares…


micah, peaking around the corner of the family room. dave was playing super mario bros on the wii and it was one of the dark, scary, bowser’s castle levels. micah has always been scared of these, especially in mario kart. he won’t play those levels. at any rate, he left the room, but still wanted to check on dave’s progress every now and then.006

day 22. up. this is the monkey tree in my front yard. I can’t believe I have a monkey tree!!!! all my life, I’ve thought these were the coolest trees, and now I have the hugest, healthiest monkey tree I’ve ever seen in my front yard! yeah, I like it just a little.012

so, I got a white house/black market catalog in the mail. I may have been a little bit excited…  maybe… just a little.014016019

layla made drums out of tinkertoys and was beating them.003

day 23. before bed. on most (well, we try) sunday evenings, layla and micah get bedtime stories, via skype, from gramma.009

they were just fooling around after school.018

day 24. 3 things. I like those 3 things.020

day 25. frame. it’s not that I love the frame so much.040

day 26. close… to the finish line of his first cross country meet this year. finished 12th. not bad. 041

cheers to my friend, lisa! we have this thing we do…045

day 27. love/hate. yeah… I hate tv. I love tv. I love that I hate tv. I hate that I love tv. etc. etc. etc…047

and that’s that.

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