Friday, September 14, 2012



from the pic a day link-up prompt: day 8. at night. ginger follows me from room to room every night while tucking in the kids. she just plants herself on the floor until I go to the next room.024

day 9. something you do most weekends. church. I love our church and all of it’s traditional-ness. wooden pews, hymnals, stained glass… 026

day 10. black and white. this is in the book ‘betsy-tacy’, which I love. if you never read this series as a kid, you NEED to read it now. so awesome. at any rate, something inspired me to re-read these books about 5 years ago and I remember being flabbergasted when I turned this page and saw this picture! you see, this little house is pretty much identical to the house we lived in on stevenson street in ohio! I loved the turn of the century look of that house, and while it wasn’t a great house, the romantic in me wanted to take that house and turn it into the classic beauty it wanted to be. at any rate, it just made me love these books even more, knowing that betsy lived in the same kind of house I did.  030

a picture of my calendar for the week. freaking out, just a little.007

bread crumbs. I HATE bread crumbs. with the fire of hell…009

micah is on a tic-tac-toe kick… he is, um… creative about the rules of tic-tac-toe, and somehow, he always winds up winning. maybe it’s because I don’t understand the rules…019

day 11. hero. self-explanatory.021

latest fruit into the dehydrator: kiwi. OMG, SO good!027

day 12. together. (ignore the double chin.)030

first time at the eye doctor. he was playing with this gumball counting sticker set until the dilating drops kicked in. he got to 9 and lost interest… 039

day 13. table. it always drives me nuts how cluttered everything gets, but this picture is kind of a good snapshot of our family. cut apart word cards that layla was working on for school, a cloth napkin, a jar of nuts, a pencil box full of someone’s crayons, my abandoned knitting bag underneath, a book, and my husband’s feet, relaxing at the end of the day.043

9 days into the school year and we already have one down for the count.046

day 14. favorite. these pears are almost ripe. yummy!048

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