Wednesday, August 15, 2012

what I wore wednesday

well, here we are again. wednesday snuck up on me this week!wiww

last wednesday:015

excuse the bored/think I might barf look I’m sporting.

  • top: american eagle via thrift store (love this top!)
  • cami: thrifted
  • jeans: gap via thrift store
  • necklace/earrings: target

uh… trying to remember what I did on wednesday last week… ah, yes, this outfit is perfect for taking one’s child to the doctor for a nasty infected mosquito bite, then grocery shopping with hyper children, and picking up a prescription for antibiotic ointment, all on only 3 hours sleep and an empty stomach. I came home very grumpy… which, I now remember is why I look so LAME in this picture (despite the outfit, which I love). I snapped the picture right before I took it off and switched into jammies! ;)


  • top: target, via thrift store (check out the embroidery/beading on the neck and sleeves. LOVE!)
  • capris: gap, via thrift store, via personal alteration
  • sandals: payless (WAY old)
  • hair thingie: gift from my friend/hairdresser, tina
  • necklace: family heirloom (hard to see but it’s a gold cross w/ emeralds inlaid)

and did you check out my nifty hair braid? getting adventurous!018

you can totally rock a vbs dropoff in this outfit! you can also help your mother sort stuff in your garage, figure out why there’s a dent in your passenger side front fender when you try to open the front door of your van and can’t. you can also make a casserole, figure out the time bake feature on your new oven, instruct your son to turn on the vegetables at 6:45, take your daughter to soccer practice and then run over the hill and into town, wait for your husband’s prescription for the tonsillitis he was diagnosed with, and come home to find that the time bake feature DID, in fact work, and your son DID, in fact remember your instructions, and you CAN, in fact eat dinner! this outfit rocks!

friday:021I am not sure why my head, and nothing else, is blurry in this pic, but it’s a pretty good representation of how I feel a lot of the time! LOL!

  • top: handmedown
  • jeans: handmedown
  • cami: you got it, handmedown!
  • necklace: bridesmaid gift from a wedding I was in 7+ years ago

022in this outfit, you can enjoy a post vbs bbq on the church lawn, and keep your kids outside and/or quiet for as much of the day as you can since your husband is home sick. sporting the ‘messy bun’ look in my hair.

  • monday:023tank: old navy via thrift store
  • capris: handmedown/personal alteration… not sure, these might be destined to be shorts…
  • belt: handmedown026

while this is not a spectacular outfit, and my hair looks heinous, this is a good post-swimming, post-costco run with tired, crabby, hot kids outfit. you can eat ice cream on the back porch with the best of them with this look!



  • top: forever 21, via handmedown
  • tank: j crew, via thrift store
  • skirt: h&m, via thrift store
  • jade necklace: family heirloom

and no, I still haven’t put away the pile of white sheets on the floor OR the vacuum cleaner, whose cord is visible behind me. I think I’ll just throw those sheets on my bed today so I don’t have to fold them! HA!

if you have to take your daughter to the pediatrician for a checkup, this is TOTALLY the look you are going for. if you need to collect a urine sample from aforementioned daughter who is suddenly struck with stagefright, even better. if you need to go and purchase apple juice at a local fast food restaurant in order to procure aforementioned urine sample from previously aforementioned daughter, you can do it in this outfit! BUT, for a really, really big challenge, I suggest wearing this outfit to said previously aforementioned daughter’s soccer practice and then trying to leave and discovering that one’s van will not start. you can mouth an awful lot of swear words while wearing this outfit. you can also, uncomfortably, squeeze into the backseat of a tiny car with two children, drive into town while your husband buys a new battery, ride with two pizza boxes on your lap, watch a hot air balloon fly very low right over you, celebrate the sound of your car starting after new battery has been installed, drive home and pour yourself a glass of wine!


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