Wednesday, August 1, 2012

what I wore wednesday…

I’ve decided to start doing this again… not sure why. guess I feel like I’ve been in a slump lately and I’m hoping to be a little more creative with what I put together out of my closet. that said, the reason I quit before is because I feel like an absolute idiot taking pictures of myself… so we’ll see how long this lasts…

last tuesday:001 - Copy

don’t mind the dog that felt the need to get some loving just as the flash went off! cute, but I wish she’d have turned a better side to the camera!

  • top: handmedown
  • jeans: handmedown
  • cardi: you guessed it! handmedown
  • belt: walmart (like 7 years ago!)
  • necklace: no idea, not that you can see it anyway
  • earrings: the FIRST pair of earrings my mom bought me after I got my ears pierced when I was 10 years old. little blue crystal squares.

this outfit is recommended for wear while helping one’s mother sort stuff in her garage. although the black sweater shows dust and cobwebs, it keeps one just warm enough in the chilly northwest summer!


  • top: weekenders (via my MIL when she sold it)
  • capris: gap, via thrift store, via personal alteration (they used to be jeans)
  • shoes: target (I love these shoes, but haven’t worn them in a long time… I remembered why. they are insanely uncomfortable, and by an hour after putting them on, that trumped the cute factor and the second I got home they found their way into a donation bag. I cannot wear cheap shoes, as much as I might try to.)
  • jade necklace: family heirloom

recommended for another day of sorting in mom’s garage. note: the bleaching patterns on the jeans are also useful in causing one’s mother to make comments about the backside of one’s jeans wearing out and falsely teasing one about her ability to see one’s underwear…


  • top: handmedown
  • capris: handmedown (different source)
  • jewelry: no idea

shoes (donned after the pic): saltwater sandals via nordstrom. I’ve had these since college and LOVE them. I get comments almost every time I wear them.003

this outfit is perfect while picking huckleberries with your children, breaking down in a gas station parking lot, waiting for your husband (and subsequently, the tow truck) in the blazing sun, politely deflecting mormon missionaries with bad timing who may stop to ask you how your day is going as your van is being towed away, waiting at the repair shop, squeezing into the back seat of your non-AC ‘91 toyota corolla between two carseats after it has been sitting in the blazing sun, frying sausages, and finally getting taken out to a birthday dinner by friends and stuffing yourself with super yummy fondue! this is, by all means, a highly versatile outfit! ;)


  • top: thrifted
  • jeans: gap via thrift store

I highly recommend this outfit for purposes of perusing the library, paying fines, and grocery shopping…

tuesday: 005016013

  • top: old navy, via thrift store
  • pink tank: j crew, via thrift store
  • jeans: handmedown
  • toe ring: fred meyer
  • necklace: target

015so far this outfit has served me well in my accepted missions of the day: applying make-up, lecturing my daughter on why it is not a good idea to respond defiantly when asked to do her chores, sipping coffee, eating a muffin, and writing blog posts…

I expect it will also perform well in folding laundry, changing out towels, vacuuming, clipping children’s nails, wiping mirrors, sending emails, planning meeting agenda, ordering pizza, and whatever else wanders my way today.

so, as a rough figure, I have shown 18 different clothing and accessory items. 5 were purchased new, 3 were gifts, 6 were handmedowns, and the rest were thrifted. some people might think this is weird, but I love it! thrift stores are my favorite! maybe next week I’ll try to wear entirely handmedowns, or entirely thrifted! I’d have a very hard time making a week’s worth of outfits that were purchased new! LOL!

note: I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of the outfit I wore to church on sunday! I finally wore my $99 skirt that I got for 99 cents! I haven’t had a top that goes with it until now, and I was so excited to wear it.

I will, once again (as soon as I remember how to do it) be linking up at the pleated poppy. I love her style and totally want to raid her closet!


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  1. oh I love your saltwaters! you are the second person on Lindsey's link up I have seen with them today:) so adorable and nostalgic!!



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