Sunday, August 26, 2012

week 34 in pictures

sunday: dueling floor cleaning machines. I was vacuuming and dave was steam cleaning.079

monday: layla and micah, sharing a set of headphones and dave’s old iphone to listen to music.002

tuesday: a relaxing morning spent in jeans and slippers, working on a knitting project… it felt like fall. brrr…013

wednesday: we had a meeting to attend at church that was paired with dinner. shane got put in charge of grilling the burgers on the big commercial range… we were teasing him about his ‘career training’… “do you want fries with that?”021

thursday: shane had an appointment at the dr’s office for a sports physical so he can run cross country this fall. he needed one shot (which he majorly pouted about)… poor baby.027

friday: layla was going around taking pictures that she wants to put in a scrapbook (love this!) and she wanted me to take one of her with ginger. isn’t this adorable!?!041

saturday: SOCCER!!! layla’s team participated in a jamboree this weekend. they played 4 games on saturday, just to get in the swing of things. it was super fun to be back out there cheering… especially with the awesome weather! this is the diamonds’ 3rd year together. I LOVE this team!074

and I have several verticals that I’ll be sticking into the center slots here and there:

layla wanted to do my hair… the results were… interesting.085033

the little waif has FINALLY Hit 40 lbs!

al bundy in the house…


my depressingly expensive list of all the project life/scrapbooking related stuff I want. I don’t even have prices for all of it yet and the total is a little bit steep! anybody want to hire me? or buy a kidney?

and the instagrams…


book shots: 051049

I also have a design G side devoted to dave’s company picnic on sunday, and the back side devoted to soccer on saturday.

and as soon as tuesday rolls around, I’ll be linking up at the mom creative.



  1. Looks like a fun week! I love the in-progress knitting pic!

    1. me too! sadly, it's still 'in-progress'...

  2. I love that your daughter is wanting her photo taken for scrapbooking! A few years ago my daughter out of the blue asked me to take a picture of her with a glass of milk, because she loves milk and wanted it to go into my scrapbook. I've always loved that one. She's also done my hair and the results were just as interesting...imagine about 40 hair clippies in all at once on one side only LOL!

    1. you'll have to check out my 'what i wore wednesday' post to see what she did to mine!



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