Sunday, August 19, 2012

week 33 in pictures

well, I used to do this, back some time or other, and then I quit, for some reason or other. but I’ve decided to start linking up all sorts of other stuff, so why not this too? I think I was looking for something to re-enliven my blogging lately, which was somewhat stagnant. so, as to not be boring, I’ve once again, started writing to strangers. I’m much more interesting that way. weird, huh? so, here I am, linking up my PL post at the mom creative.


sunday: micah, NOT winning in mario kart.030

monday: MOMS club swimming outing. lots of various moms and kids in the pool. it was so much fun!005

tuesday: super lame. more car trouble. I went to leave after dropping layla off at soccer practice and the van wouldn’t start. seriously. enough already! our friend, dustin, helped dave get the battery out of the car to take down to test (and replace). fortunately, that’s all it was.011

wednesday: laundry, laundry, laundry.2012-08-19

thursday: micah and layla wanted daddy to help them so they could do one-handed pull-ups, too. and then the master (shane) showed us how it’s really done. it’s scary how strong that kid is.2012-08-191

friday: school supplies! ready for another year. both kids got new backpacks, but I drew the line at lunchboxes. those are fine. layla’s backpack is so big I think she could climb into it. missing here are some pens and highlighters dave brought home for shane, and a box of tissues and a pack of baby wipes we added to layla’s. 065

I’m also including their lists of supplies that they needed. 010011

also friday: micah and layla being pirates… complete with swords and eye patches. custom made by layla using, of course, paper, crayons, and scotch tape.020

I also had some extras I felt I needed to include this week, so I made a big collage of those.2012-08-194

and the instagrams…


book shots:054053

and that’s it!

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