Friday, August 31, 2012


friday again!!!


so, here we are, linking up all my totally awesome (and generally mundane) instagram/phone shots from the week…

yup, I have an elmo sticker on my steering wheel. don’t say you’re not jealous!090

horses go for a stroll down our street occasionally!091

saturday = soccer, soccer, soccer…098

and in between games, the girls checked out the horses next to the field.101

just chillin’ with my loyal companion. LOVE.113

that particular day’s harvest. so excited that the beans are coming on!115

organizing my kids’ stuff. this is all (well, not quite because there are like 3 more piles on my washer and dryer that are behind me) of the 13 year old’s papers/art projects/awards/certificates/etc. that I could locate. now they are all organized by age/school year and neatly bundled into file folders awaiting the time that I win the lottery and can actually purchase all of the becky higgins products I need to put together his albums… and then I did the same with the other 2. well, the girl’s piles aren’t quite so neatly organized because she is a little extreme in the art department and the pile I have of hers from 1st grade alone is about a foot high. and that’s AFTER throwing out almost all of her school papers and such. 045

I did it! I actually whacked off all of my hair!054

hello blackberries! we picked these on our property. love it!001 - Copy

dinner. love that teddy’s has sweet potato fries and will lettuce-wrap your burger without batting an eyelash. yum yum yum… I’m totally reliving it right now. hope you don’t mind…063

I know I had a moist towelette joke with someone in high school, just can’t remember who. I even posted this to facebook, hoping someone would respond, but no luck. oh well… I’m sure it was funny.064

good morning, hot air balloon out my kitchen window! 071

yup, my daughter took 35 of the same exact selfie with my phone. 002 - Copy

and that’s what I gots this week!

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  1. What a great week! Your dog is adorable and those berries all came from your yard?! That's awesome!! We're still trying to get things to grow in our garden :P



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