Friday, August 24, 2012


it’s friday, friday…

okay, sorry, somehow, that ridiculous song always winds up going through my head when I think or write or say the word “friday”… it’s a curse that I’ve now shared with you. aren’t you lucky?


shane’s enourmous backpack he just purchased for his first year of junior high… yup. junior high. 7th grade. I might have a slight issue with this fact.002

I have this living basil plant on my windowsill and I’m always grabbing leaves off of it, slicing a tomato and pairing them. sometimes I’ll sprinkle some mozzarella on them, sometimes not. once I heated it… not a good idea. cold and fresh is heavenly. oh, how I love fresh basil!004

apparently this plum was too messy to use his hands.009

we had a couple days of 90 degree weather and my cucumbers grew like crazy!013

baby green beans!!! I’m so excited.015

they were pretending that the kix was popcorn and they were watching “the funny happenings of outer space” or something like that… no idea. every 5 seconds or so, they would mention something about poop and laugh hysterically. the dog was just hoping someone would drop something.018

big ole pot of spaghetti sauce.022

no more 90’s. not even 80’s. I’m officially freezing.024

the time we arrived in the church parking lot. church started at 10.026

playing corn hole at dave’s company picnic.040

not an instagram, but I took a screen shot of this while playing a game of draw something. I found my word options to be hilarious, especially when read in order… I’m pretty sure I chose bucket. 047

she starts out with brushes, but I’m not sure why she bothers. it always turns into finger painting.049

I was out of wine for like 3 days. it sucked. and then I got some more. and it no longer sucked… the end.004

72 in the house and I was frozen. I’ll take too hot over too cold any day.007

uh… what is there to say about this?011

feeling like fall… cozying up with a knitting project.014

playing go fish. princess style.016

more go fish… mickey mouse clubhouse style.020

back to the dr. again… this time for a sports physical.026

walked into the kitchen and found this… he “wanted to wash the dishes”…  031

sautéing butternut squash for lunch. just add spaghetti sauce.043

that’s it for this week… link up, it’s fun!

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