Friday, August 17, 2012


I just looked at the calendar and realized that there are only 2 more fridays left of the summer. eek!!! I guess I shouldn’t complain since most of the rest of the country have already gone back to school at this point…

so here, once again, are my instagrams for the week, linking up!instafridaybutton


my daughter’s white board strikes again! awww…


our first blooming sunflower!


rose bouquet cut from our many gorgeous rose bushes!


my first ALMOST ripe tomato of the season! (I picked it a couple days later and had it on a salad. more to come! tons of green ones. it makes buying tomatoes at the store seem really, really lame…)


my bush beans have flowers…


I was feeling sort of sick/run down, so I took a nap… when I wasn’t staring at the ceiling feeling sorry for myself…


um… yeah, apparently it’s not actually ‘hippo food’ (as we call it), but rubber chicken eggs? I don’t know. but are the hippos going to eat the eggs? this whole scenario is a little bit disturbing and I think I need to stop analyzing it.


this one does NOT like to lose. he’s such a fabulous mariokart player (yes, I feel a little pathetic bragging about that), that when he’s NOT in 1st, he freaks out! yeah, we need to work on that… 3rd child…


confession: I LOVE taco bell. taco bell used to be a staple in my diet. chicken soft taco, bean burrito (minus the red sauce and onions), mountain dew. 1 package of fire sauce on both. oh, my mouth is watering just thinking about it… and it’s not even 10 am and I’m not done with my coffee… but still. at any rate, in my old (wise) age, I’ve come to the (obvious) conclusion that eating such food crap on a regular basis is likely NOT the best for me (add in the fact that my children won’t eat anything there) and the taco bell drive-thru and I haven’t seen very much of each other in recent years. I didn’t even realize how much I missed it until mary posted a pic, similar to this one, on instagram and it hit me. OH, HOW I MISS TACO BELL!!! so, on sunday, we were out running around, and my husband was struck by sudden hunger! YES! so I ordered myself a chicken soft taco, squeezed on a package of fire sauce and scratched the itch. it. was. so. good… (in a bad fast food sorta way.)


a new fave… discovered when someone left a bottle at my house recently. and it was on sale! even better.


I figure it’s still morning until this is empty. and as long as it’s still summer, I don’t have to do anything while it’s still morning!


is it necessary to caption this? how about, just awesome.


a quick fix for starving people having car trouble. I’m pretty sure that little caesar’s is now the ultimate in ghetto pizza, but $5 is hard to argue with when you’re STARVING (and forking over more money to make your car run)!


I was chanting “hurry, hurry, hurry!”


followed by, “aaaaaaaaahhhhh…” yeah, I might have a little, minor, obsession with coffee… just a little. (she takes a sip.) but it’s okay, because it’s not like I’m in denial about it or anything.


my kids did this… and that’s all I have to say about that.


spontaneously scoured my kitchen sink… I should do that more often.


YES!!!! it is finally summer here! of course, everyone (except me) is bemoaning how hot it is, turning on their AC (why do people even have AC around here?) today, they issued a heat advisory! meanwhile, I’m in heaven!


I am SO looking forward to lunch today. fresh basil is one of those things that makes me go weak in the knees… I think I might go sniff it now…

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