Friday, August 3, 2012



so, I discovered this whole instafriday link up thing, and was all excited about doing my first post for it. and then I looked through my picture files and on my phone and discovered that I have a whopping 5 instagrams for the week. lame-O.


about 11:30 friday night. tried valiantly to stay awake through the olympic opening ceremonies…


fun little critter I found while walking the dog.


although I LOVE doing laundry, the one thing I despise is folding whites… too many categories, too many little things.


fun little toe ring that the girl discovered in my jewelry box. I’ve had it for years, but forgot about it… she insisted I wear it.


love this gadget when my hair is long. it’s so simple, but it looks really cool and will hold all of my hair somewhat securely. (I wouldn’t recommend doing jumping jacks, but for ordinary stuff, it works just fine.) it also looks way cooler than a claw clip and you don’t have to turn your head to the side if you want to lean back in a chair! (and in a pinch, you could probably use it as a weapon, if you’re feeling particularly 007.)

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