Friday, August 31, 2012


friday again!!!


so, here we are, linking up all my totally awesome (and generally mundane) instagram/phone shots from the week…

yup, I have an elmo sticker on my steering wheel. don’t say you’re not jealous!090

horses go for a stroll down our street occasionally!091

saturday = soccer, soccer, soccer…098

and in between games, the girls checked out the horses next to the field.101

just chillin’ with my loyal companion. LOVE.113

that particular day’s harvest. so excited that the beans are coming on!115

organizing my kids’ stuff. this is all (well, not quite because there are like 3 more piles on my washer and dryer that are behind me) of the 13 year old’s papers/art projects/awards/certificates/etc. that I could locate. now they are all organized by age/school year and neatly bundled into file folders awaiting the time that I win the lottery and can actually purchase all of the becky higgins products I need to put together his albums… and then I did the same with the other 2. well, the girl’s piles aren’t quite so neatly organized because she is a little extreme in the art department and the pile I have of hers from 1st grade alone is about a foot high. and that’s AFTER throwing out almost all of her school papers and such. 045

I did it! I actually whacked off all of my hair!054

hello blackberries! we picked these on our property. love it!001 - Copy

dinner. love that teddy’s has sweet potato fries and will lettuce-wrap your burger without batting an eyelash. yum yum yum… I’m totally reliving it right now. hope you don’t mind…063

I know I had a moist towelette joke with someone in high school, just can’t remember who. I even posted this to facebook, hoping someone would respond, but no luck. oh well… I’m sure it was funny.064

good morning, hot air balloon out my kitchen window! 071

yup, my daughter took 35 of the same exact selfie with my phone. 002 - Copy

and that’s what I gots this week!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

the haircut!!!

so, this is a pretty self-explanatory post… and the pictures pretty much tell the story. I cut my hair. a lot of hair. 12.5 inches to be exact. I will (as soon as I get around to it) be sending it in to wigs for kids.038040

yes, I was freaking out, just a little!049

the finished product. I tried to get a decent picture, but I kept looking totally goofy. this was the best I got that day. I will say that tina did an awesome job, as always.050

the next day… I was pleased as punch, when I woke up in the morning, to see that my hair still looked decent. no funky bed head, so I just smoothed it out, re-sprayed it, and called it good!012

by thursday, I had to wash it, and that meant that I had to DO it. I’m kind of a dummy when it comes to hairstyling, and I’m a total klutz with a hair dryer, but it seems I managed to make it happen. phew!065

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

what I wore wednesday

it’s wednesday again, so here I am, happily reporting that I did not wear jammies all week! and linking up.wiww


first off, excuse the fact that I’m giving somebody the mom stink eye in this photo… I think I had kids bickering in the hall or something…

  • top: express via thrift store
  • jeans: gap via thrift store
  • black mary jane’s: born

I love these shoes. there are very few actual shoes that I like. okay, that’s not true. I LIKE a lot of shoes. I don’t like to wear a lot of shoes. I have very sensitive feet and wearing shoes that actually enclose my toes drives me nuts. in the summer, I live in flip flops and in the winter, I live in uggs. it’s the closest you can get to NOT wearing shoes. socks drive me nuts, too. I think it has to do with years and years of my feet being shoved into these: figure-skates or these: pointe-shoes 

for many hours of the day for many years… yeah, sensitive feet. but born shoes are one of the few brands I’ve found that are 100% comfortable (and 100% cute), even though they’re REAL shoes! now, if only they were cheap…

at any rate, this outfit is perfect for a parent/student meeting at the junior high your kid will be attending in a week, and a sunday school planning meeting at church, plus dinner! (p.s. don’t you just love the sparkles on the shoulders??? I do!)

thursday:   011

  • top: ross (a million years ago)
  • jeans: thrifted
  • SIL on the phone: courtesy of my husband’s brother! ;) hi mary!
  • coffee mug: handmedown from my mom
  • hairdo: idea courtesy of the pleated poppy! 025

this outfit is perfect for another trip to the pediatrician. and, of course, as soon as I’d decided to cut off all my hair, this brilliant 3 bun hairstyle shows up. LOVE! so, I had to try it out at least once. I was skeptical about how well my hair would hold it, but it actually lasted all day!

friday:       038

  • top: handmedown
  • jeans: handmedown
  • belt: walmart
  • jade necklace: family heirloom

so… my daughter wanted to “do my hair” that day… the results were a little bit odd, but whatever, it made her happy. 018  020

I really didn’t have much going on this day, except a mountain of laundry to deal with, some general kid dropping and fetching, and that sort of thing.

saturday:   060

well, I really thought I’d escaped my not-so-awesome soccer mom apparel this day, until I was going through the pictures I took on my camera from our full saturday of soccer and found all the pics my 4 year old took to entertain himself… and there I was.

nothing even remotely exciting to report about this outfit, and the shoes were a HUGE mistake. I love my chucks, don’t get me wrong. they are a replacement for a pair of identical ones I had in college that I literally wore until they fell apart. however, remember my above story about my hatred of wearing shoes? these are like the epitome of everything I hate about wearing shoes. they’re great if I don’t have to walk anywhere, but that day I swear I walked miles and miles around all the soccer fields. I wanted to wear real shoes (not flip flops) because I knew that the grass would be all wet in the morning. I had intended to wear some running shoes, but in our rush to get out the door, I went into the garage and discovered that they weren’t on the shelf, so I just threw these on instead. ugh. by the afternoon games, I had ditched them and spent the rest of the afternoon barefoot.

sunday:      081

  • top: handmedown
  • skirt: anne klein via thrift store (THIS is the famous $99 skirt that I paid 99 cents for. not only is it a really nice skirt, the excitement of that bargain makes it even nicer. the original store tag was still on it when I bought it at the thrift store. I can’t remember what it was marked there, but it was the color tag that was .99 that day. SCORE!
  • sandals: payless (super old!)

 076  077

so yeah, that’s what a $99 skirt looks like!

monday:    002

so, quite obviously, this was a cleaning day. and I dressed appropriately. it was also the last day before my scheduled haircut and my hairdresser had sent me an email in which she mentioned something about me probably having the best hair day ever since I was planning to whack it all off the next day. so I made sure that didn’t happen by wadding it up in a messy bun. HA!

tuesday:    038

haircut day!

  • top: giants clubhouse at at&t park courtesy of my hubby (this was a make-up shirt to replace the not-so-awesome one he had bought me the previous summer. **coughcoughbrightorangetshirtcoughcough**)
  • capris: gap via thrift store

long hair, down, hasn’t been washed in days and days and days… just waiting to be whacked off. and I do mean whacked!

040  049

happy wednesday, everyone! what’cha wearin’?

Monday, August 27, 2012

lookie what I just did!!!!

I’m so proud of myself that I just have to stop and brag a bit! I have this room in my house… it’s the laundry room. it’s also the “mud room” sort of… meaning it’s the room between the garage and the rest of the house, where we all enter through… where we all take off our shoes and leave them all over the floor… where the boys dump their cycling gear when they come in from a ride… where we all dump the mail, or the groceries, or whatever it is you have in your hands when you come in the door… where boxes and baskets of “I don’t know what to do with this” after moving land… you get the idea.

pair that with laundry that needs to be done, laundry that has been done, laundry that is hanging to dry, laundry that needs to be ironed, cleaning supplies, dog dishes, cat box, etc. etc. etc… AND the fact that this room also happens to possess a large, flat surface and you have the perfect storm. the perfect recipe for a disaster zone, and that it was!

I really should have taken ‘before’ pics, but that might have been too embarrassing. but I actually DID SOMETHING with all of it!

library books put into the car to be returned. donation pile for micah’s preschool put into the car to take tomorrow. piles of papers sorted and tossed or filed in one of those drawers. bike helmets, etc, put in drawer or upper cupboard. random junk boxes sorted and put someplace… it’s so awesome to SEE the counter. AND, see that outlet on the wall? I didn’t know that was there. isn’t that pathetic? but just look at all that clean open space? I want to do something cute to it so it will look nice and not get cluttered up again… (wishful thinking, I know.)006

notice that there aren’t any clothes or random other things on top of the dryer? I have the basket of hangers there for stuff that needs to be hung to dry, but everything else is gone. I stashed the ironing board against the far wall (it used to be in between the dryer and the counter), and shoved the clothes hanger things into that space. and YES, I CLEANED the washer and dryer. I got out a bottle of cleaner and a rag and I cleaned off my washer and dryer. (I know all you people who do this sort of thing weekly, think that is not a big deal, but my washer and dryer has always been in a nasty garage before now, and I just didn’t care!)007

I took all the random cleaning supplies off the counter by the sink and stashed them in the upper cupboard, MOVED the cat box and actually vacuumed all the loose cat litter up, put a clean towel under the dog water, and wiped down the counter and the faucet.008

that little corner has a basket for mail (that does need to still be sorted/filed), my purse, and the key basket. and shane hung the pin board for me. 009

SO excited! woohoo!

okay, thanks for letting me brag…

and now real life calls… gotta go wipe a butt, get gas, drop a kid off for a sleepover, return library books, pick up pictures, come back and clean the REST of my house!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

week 34 in pictures

sunday: dueling floor cleaning machines. I was vacuuming and dave was steam cleaning.079

monday: layla and micah, sharing a set of headphones and dave’s old iphone to listen to music.002

tuesday: a relaxing morning spent in jeans and slippers, working on a knitting project… it felt like fall. brrr…013

wednesday: we had a meeting to attend at church that was paired with dinner. shane got put in charge of grilling the burgers on the big commercial range… we were teasing him about his ‘career training’… “do you want fries with that?”021

thursday: shane had an appointment at the dr’s office for a sports physical so he can run cross country this fall. he needed one shot (which he majorly pouted about)… poor baby.027

friday: layla was going around taking pictures that she wants to put in a scrapbook (love this!) and she wanted me to take one of her with ginger. isn’t this adorable!?!041

saturday: SOCCER!!! layla’s team participated in a jamboree this weekend. they played 4 games on saturday, just to get in the swing of things. it was super fun to be back out there cheering… especially with the awesome weather! this is the diamonds’ 3rd year together. I LOVE this team!074

and I have several verticals that I’ll be sticking into the center slots here and there:

layla wanted to do my hair… the results were… interesting.085033

the little waif has FINALLY Hit 40 lbs!

al bundy in the house…


my depressingly expensive list of all the project life/scrapbooking related stuff I want. I don’t even have prices for all of it yet and the total is a little bit steep! anybody want to hire me? or buy a kidney?

and the instagrams…


book shots: 051049

I also have a design G side devoted to dave’s company picnic on sunday, and the back side devoted to soccer on saturday.

and as soon as tuesday rolls around, I’ll be linking up at the mom creative.



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