Sunday, July 29, 2012

week 30 in pictures

sunday: I really don’t know why they have underwear on their heads, but they do. and therefore that is photo-worthy.054

tuesday: I cleared out my mom’s china cabinet to help her get stuff ready to move. when my grandma died, she left her china to me. but I was 7. so my mom has had it, along with a bunch that is hers. eventually, the china cabinet will come over here. I can’t wait! it was so much fun looking at all of this stuff. every one is different, and SO beautiful!020

wednesday: fishing. turned into ‘swimming’… 067070073

also on wednesday (above), dave made me try out the clip in pedals on shane’s bike (which will be mine when he outgrows it). this is what happened the one time I didn’t get unclipped in time… nevermind the bruise on my knee.

thursday: car broke down. had to wait a long time in the hot sun. found shade next to the biodiesel pumphouse thing at the gas station. ross met us there with the toyota, and dave took a bus there. eventually… we got towed to a garage down the road. it was not a lot of fun.083084

after we dropped the van at the repair shop, I got to cram myself in the back of the toyota between 2 car seats. it was not awesome.094

also thursday: the good part of the day… I got taken out to a birthday dinner by some friends… stuffed ourselves silly on fondue and had a great time catching up.095103

friday: shane and I were out in the backyard when I suddenly heard a familiar sound. it was darth vader in the distance! not really, but you wouldn’t believe how excited I was to hear that sound! a few minutes later, one of our familiar yellow hot air balloons rose above the trees, followed shortly by the second one! balloon sightings were almost daily in the summer months at our old house and one of the things I was really lamenting about leaving there was not getting to see them fly by anymore. so, obviously, this was met with great excitement!2012-07-294116

and then there’s the way ginger passed out while we were all watching the opening ceremonies of the olympics. wedged between the couch and coffee table, she managed to wriggle herself onto her back. feet up in the air… funny dog.





saturday: shane has befriended our neighbors (big surprise) and helped them with numerous projects already (big surprise). these neighbors have some ATVs and offered to teach shane to ride after he’d finished helping them out with something. he JUMPED at the chance (big surprise) and was absolutely in heaven… 120

and the instagrams…


book shots:066065

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