Monday, July 23, 2012

week 29 in pictures

sunday: STP finishers! at holladay park in portland. they all just rode 200 miles on their bikes!218

tuesday: layla and I gave ginger a bath. the ‘furminator’ shampoo and conditioner is supposed to sit on the dog for 5 to 10 minutes each. so my cold, wet, pathetic dog had to sit and wait until I rinsed her off.229

when she was done and released, she ran around like a crazy dog, dragging her nose all over the ground and rolling around in the grass.243

thursday: layla, micah and I decided to take advantage of the last hot day on the forecast and headed back to the splash pad at one of our new favorite parks.017

and after drying off, they spent a good half hour rolling down the hill.029

friday: layla, showing off all of her ‘fashion plate’ creations. 039

later that night, when we went to bed, we found micah passed out on the floor of our bathroom. apparently, he got up to use the potty, and just decided to go back to sleep right there.


saturday: we intended to take a hike down to the bottom of snoqualmie falls, but when we got there, we learned they were doing a bunch of construction/refurbishing, and the trail was closed. so we only got to take pictures at the top.005004

and the instagrams…


that’s it!

book shots:071069

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