Monday, July 16, 2012

week 28 in pictures

sunday: we headed south to our friends’ house for noah’s (layla’s betrothed) 7th birthday party. these are my guys (plus cole) hanging out in the shade, post piƱata busting.055

monday: I took the youngers to a local(ish) park that had a playground and splash pad. it was not exactly as warm as it was supposed to be, and fairly overcast, so it was FREEZING in the water. but they had fun and have been begging to go back. we just need some hot days.2012-07-183

tuesday: day before layla’s birthday.was a

wednesday: someone’s SEVEN!!!!042

I’m including several bigger collages of stuff we did throughout the day… lunch at red robin downtown with just mom and dad.2012-07-185

birthday cupcakes (didn’t realize until it was too late that we didn’t have any birthday candles, so I used tealights) with jordan, sophia, amy, and finnigan. gotta love the frosting faces.2012-07-186

presents, plus setting up for the backyard campout, plus shane’s last day to be 12.2012-07-187

thursday: shane is officially a TEENAGER!!! one of the best gift reactions EVER from him! yes, it’s a machete. no, he hasn’t dismembered anyone yet.191

bigger collages from his day too: swimming and paddling in the lake, plus the aftermath of that + 2 hours of traffic getting to amy’s house to drop off jordan and sophia.2012-07-188

birthday dinner at olive garden, new bike helmet from grandma and grandpa, cake that wound up looking like pacman after he took a slice out of it.2012-07-189

present time: lots of new cycling gear, a boomerang, a gatorade bottle, and the machete.2012-07-1810

friday: getting ready to head south the next day to follow the riders for the STP, but I was freaking out because the car kept overheating. cole and dave had a look under the hood, added some water, some coolant, and some oil… I’m happy to say we made it with no issues!207

saturday: our group of STP riders ready to head out… just after sunrise on saturday morning.077

and the instagrams… (and those that stand in as instagrams after I crop them square…)


book shots: 074073

the end!

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