Monday, July 2, 2012

week 26 in pictures

sunday: dave and finnigan. love this.055

also sunday: sue and auntie re playing badminton (sans net) in the back yard while finnigan tries to ride a tricycle through the grass.022025

tuesday: came home after shoe shopping with layla to find micah and dave cuddled up asleep on the couch. so after layla got into her jammies, she joined them. a little while later, I found them all like this.001

these are a few extras I’m going to stick in middle slots.006010

wednesday: the time is about 9:30 pm and it’s totally time for kids to be in bed. what do I discover? all THREE of them, playing happily TOGETHER in the play room. for real.014

thursday: when we arrived at our hotel, we were given these nifty little boxes with snacks and water, and fun stuff…291531_3486621927690_904963202_o

friday: some shots from our date night at mijares.2012-07-031

saturday: lori, laurie, and I went for manicures in the morning. (don’t worry, the wedding gets it’s own page in the book).602403_3729939079913_1397586486_n

and a few instagrams…


what a week! AND… we are officially halfway through the year!!! guess it’s time for me to start thinking about ordering a second binder. the first is getting full!

book shots: 130139132133136138

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