Tuesday, July 3, 2012

uncle E’s wedding weekend–saturday

again, all the pictures are ‘borrowed’… mostly from laurie.

laurie, lori, and I started the morning by heading down to a nail shop for manicures.602403_3729939079913_1397586486_n

after that, we loaded up in the car with gary, laurie, bill, and lori and drove to an awesome restaurant called “twohee’s” that boasted world famous onion rings. we met uncle steve and deb, and grandpa dick there, as well as gramma jackie, and dave’s cousin josh, his wife betty, and their kids, cristina and josh, jr. we had a yummy lunch, and I was STOKED to see chocolate coke on the menu! what a treat!

4 generations of hughes men: grandpa dick, uncle steve, josh, and josh, jr. 523993_3736873253263_639523612_n

josh and cristina. dave and I met cristina 8 years ago when she was only about a month old. she’s a little bigger now…480463_3736873933280_1210016901_n

gramma jackie, grandpa dick, and their 3 kids.561116_3736874293289_1711432190_n

dave and his cousin, josh.208883_3736875133310_443391193_n

after lunch, it was time to head home and start getting ready for the wedding!

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