Monday, June 18, 2012

week 24 in pictures

sunday: just one of those awesome things parents do…018

also sunday: I’m including these in a separate page. my parents came over for dinner, shane built a fire in our fire pit and we sat around singing songs in the evening. awesome.013014021023

monday: we finally figured out how to make the sprinklers work. layla and micah were having a blast running through them.004

also monday: these will go on the back side of the page w/ the fire pit pictures. kids having fun with bubbles.004006011013

tuesday: shane’s friend came over after school. they all played a lot of games. watching them play hungry hungry hippos was hilarious.031

wednesday: I drove/chaperoned for a field trip to the family fun center. this is shane and friends after getting totally soaked on the bumper boats. I’m sure that ride is refreshing on a hot day, but it was like 60* out…042

thursday: this is the sort of thing I find stuck to my computer all the time. shane likes to do comparison research on various vehicles… this time it was trucks. 075

friday: school pick up. shane is on safety patrol – hence, the orange vest. micah always busies himself with something while waiting. this time it was analyzing the drain and making snow angels in the grass.2012-06-183

saturday: layla was having fun setting up dominos and knocking them down.064

and the instagrams… 


book shots:114120117119

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