Monday, June 11, 2012

week 23 in pictures

okay, this week was kind of crazy. lots of different stuff going on.

sunday: I have this awesome panoramic shot that dave took at the top of mt. si. I printed this picture 12 inches wide, so it will span the entire bottom row in the book. PANO_20120603_131228

which is okay because I don’t have a picture for monday.

tuesday: micah, playing w/ trains at barnes and noble… this will go small in one of the center slots.001

also tuesday: shane, competing in the district-wide junior olympics track meet. he took another 1st in the 50 yard dash and 2nd in the relay. the weather was extremely cold, windy, rainy, and generally unpleasant.004

micah and layla (in the nerd glasses) had fun with the umbrella.006

wednesday: last band concert of the year! it’s hard to see shane, but if you look for the tuba in the back row, and see a lot of shiny brass next to it, that’s shane and his french horn.024

thursday: the 5th and 6th grade glee club that shane is a part of had a performance at a local retirement home. it was a divide and conquer night. dave took shane there, and I took micah and layla to the school roller skating night. (a couple of instagram shots of that.)IMG_2027

friday: a night at home! what a concept. friday night pizza night. for some reason, the kids were attempting to balance books on their heads and wanted dave to try it. so he did and then layla challenged him to keep the books on his head all the way through dinner! (he took them off after a few minutes.)005

saturday: layla and micah were having fun with the animal masks… actually, with inventing new hybrid-animals to be by wearing multiple masks at the same time. layla won when she put them all on at once.008009

and the instagrams…


book shots:111113

and that’s it!

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