Monday, June 4, 2012

week 22 in pictures

sunday: here in washington, the kids and I spent the evening at susie and kevin’s and ended the night with a bonfire next door, built by shane and wyatt. the grand finale was burning their christmas tree from last year. they were pretty excited.2012-06-044

also sunday: meanwhile, in california, dave and micah were at a party across the street from his parents’ where micah played beer pong for the first time…156529_10150989399552889_687707888_11963493_404030862_n

monday: dave and nolan got to take in a giants game.IMG_20120528_165453IMG_20120528_135422

memorial day flyover.










tuesday: I know all the grandmothers are going to have heart attacks over this one, but let me reassure you that he was really going quite slowly AND the mower blades were NOT going. and they were having SO much fun!017

thursday: micah’s last day of preschool for this year.033

friday: backyard action shot.011

saturday: micah and his godfather sharing tips on playing angry birds.024

and the instagrams:

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layla also had a birthday part to attend on saturday, but that gets a whole insert in the book, so I’ll give it it’s own blog post as well.

book shots:102109105107

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