Saturday, June 30, 2012

project life - june 2012

week 23:006

sunday was our mt. si hike, and I took the panoramic shot that dave took and had it printed on an 8x12, and then just cropped off the extra. I would have liked to have it taller so you could see more, but 12 inches is as wide as I could have it printed and still fit it in the book. so that spans the bottom slots in the book. I did a collage for the rest of the mt. si pics.007

our weekly log, I printed full size on printer paper so it would fit on the back of the collage. and then I have a strip of instagrams. I only had 10 to fill in, so I just filled in the inner most column and sliced off the rest of the sheet. don’t worry, I saved it.009

week 24:024

this week I had 2 columns worth of instagrams, and cut off the rest. I also printed our weekly log half as wide, with half on each side of the paper. then I put it in a regular 8.5x11 page protector, sliced off the extra, and bound it off by folding a strip of cardstock in half over the end and securing it to the page protector with adhesive. I like the way it looks, but it’s a lot of work. still looking for the best way to handle this.025

I have a page of design G that I put in some pictures from our sunday evening campfire with my parents.027

and the back side is pictures I took of the kids playing with bubbles. one, I loved so much I blew it up and had it printed 12 inches tall, and then cropped it to 6 inches wide so I could fit it in the 4 right hand slots of this page. I LOVE it.028

week 25:011 this is a HUGE week. I have so much stuff in here. I have a single column of instagrams, which I put in some of the previously cropped off pages, and then just 3 hole punched the side. no waste! and I’ve now figured out what I think is the easiest (although, kind of boring) way to get the weekly log into a standard page protector and crop it off without having to bind off any edges. I put it in the protector backwards and then slice off the side that has the holes, up to the edge of the paper, then 3 hole punch through the whole thing, paper and all. it keeps the page contained, with no loose edges. works for me!012

I also included the last school newsletter of the year, mainly because shane’s picture is on the back side.015

he was on student council and they coordinated a food drive. then I have the handout from the monday night 5th and 6th grade music concert that shane was involved in.017

and the 6th grade graduation program. I wanted this protected (mainly so it won’t get ripped out of the book) so I put it in a standard page protector with it’s fold next to the sealed side (opposite the holes) and then cropped off all 3 edges around it, then hole punched it and put it in the book like that. that way, it can be opened, but at least it’s somewhat protected.019

then I have design G of pictures from graduation. I didn’t have enough vertical shots to fill this, so I took a couple that were horizontal and cropped them to 4x4 square (this leaves the image a little bigger/wider than if I were to crop them to 4x6 vertical), and mounted them on a piece of PL cardstock cut to 4x6 to fit in the slot.024

on the back side of that are pictures from the 6th grade field trip to grasslawn park.027

week 26:030

this is another big week with lots of stuff to put in. I have 1 column of instagrams. our weekly log is a little wider this week because there was so much going on. but it doesn’t matter because the way I print them and include them now is completely versatile, size-wise.032

I have 2 design G inserts this week, all devoted to wedding festivities.034035039

and that’s june! can’t believe I’m halfway done with this year!

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