Monday, May 28, 2012

week 21 in pictures

sunday: dave and micah left early in the morning to drive down to california. dave’s dad was having surgery on monday.038

monday: micah wasted no time getting into the pool. he’s been planning his swimming and splashing and canonballs since he knew he was going.470897_10150853305973977_559448976_9633600_364946136_o

tuesday: went to the hospital to visit papa. he and gramma had a picnic in the courtyard. apparently there was a riddle on the side of the juice box that asked “what kind of apple isn’t an apple?” the answer is the the chunk of pineapple that gramma is showing him… he informed her that he hates pineapple. true.467953_10150853042403977_1385437781_o537524_3557612171848_1019058072_33247473_1888870312_n

wednesday: another track meet. shane did the same events as last week: 50 yard dash, relay, and long jump. came away with two 1sts and a 2nd (in relay).027028030

I’m also including a second picture for wednesday. I took this one while waiting for shane’s turn at the long jump and really hoping he would get done before this arrived:029

thursday: more sky, although significantly more pleasant. I was killing some time at the old house while waiting for shane to finish mowing the neighbor’s lawn (even though I should have been loading up stuff and cleaning there – but my back has been messed up all week, so I wasn’t), and was laying on the back deck, looking up.037

friday (or something like that): while dave was at the hospital, micah spent some time with sarah and her kids at gramma and papa’s house. they spent a good share of time swimming.398856_355322394520813_1631081401_n

saturday: our friends and former neighbors, susie and kevin, came for dinner. of course, shane had to show off the lawnmower and gave kevin a little lesson.061

and then I have a bunch of instagrams:


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