Monday, May 21, 2012

week 19 in pictures

phew! holy WOW! I think I can finally breathe now and actually have a chance to post this, now that my pictures are finally organized and ordered. so many pictures… this week everything is a big muddled, out of order, etc. oh well.

sunday: the sun came out. around here, that means swimsuits and water toys… so what if it was only 65*!121129ginger enjoyed roaming around while the kids played in the front yard. of course, all that roaming makes a dog thirsty… she decided to lap up some of the water left on the slip & slide.






wednesday: shane had his first track meet after school. he competed in the long jump and 75 yard dash. 014 - Copy018 - Copy019

thursday (maybe, not sure): apparently layla is into drawing vampires. almost all of her drawings lately are captioned cartoon style. there are speech and/or thought bubbles all over the place! apparently she has caught some of her mother’s compulsion that EVERYTHING be explained in much detail!012 - Copy008 - Copywith everything getting packed, the mantel was completely empty for probably the first time since we moved in. toby immediately recognized this as an invitation to adopt a new perch.






thursday: mother’s day tea at micah’s preschool. they started out by singing some songs, then there was picture-taking, and then we got to sit and have our ‘tea’.Picasa87

friday: first night at the new house. we ‘camped’ on the floor since our beds weren’t being moved until the next day. everyone decided to congregate in layla’s room. and by everyone, I mean the pets! 066 - Copy

saturday: I have a bunch of pictures that I took of the move, and devoted an entire page of design G to that, and put a bigger journaling card in the slot for the day.

and the instagrams:

073080082084002006008013016018021023025030032035037039042 - Copy046048053062

I’m going to do a separate post (probably more than one) with all the pictures of the move and everything involved with that.

book shots: 079089081083085086

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