Monday, May 7, 2012

week 18 in pictures

003sunday: dave and shane went for a bike ride around lake samammish, and layla put the idea into micah’s head that he wanted to go along. so dave pulled him in the chariot. all. the. way. it was quite the ride, but micah did great. he was loaded up with books to read and his leapster to play with. they also stopped for ‘refueling (snacks) at a gas station and micah got to eat some oreos, so he thought it was the greatest ride ever! they all made it back in one piece – which is always my concern! at the end of the ride, shane took off and beat dave home by a good 10 minutes!


monday: watching my kids eat spaghetti is way more entertaining than it should be.018

tuesday: finally made it to costco to pick up my pictures. I usually go every week and pick them up when I shop, but with everyone being sick last week, I didn’t manage to get there.005 - Copy

wednesday: the cherry trees by the library are in full bloom! 021

thursday: not really, but I needed a picture. dave was tackling our room (as in, packing, cleaning, sorting, etc.). he took apart our bed frame and while he was doing all of that, he tossed all of our pillows and bedding into micah and layla’s room. ginger found it to be just the place to lay down and get cozy.085

friday: so… I hate to admit it, but with all the packing and sorting and all of that going on, paired with the fact that almost all of the toys are boxed up, my kids watch way more tv lately than they should… this picture is added somewhat sheepishly!089

saturday: here we are, watching the mariners beat the twins in a safeco field suite! someone donated a suite to the church and it was first come, first serve for the tickets! we snapped up 5 of them right away! (notice what my brainwashed daughter chose to wear to the game…)069

and then there are the instagrams… not quite as many this week, thank goodness!


and then I have a bunch of pictures that I took at the mariners game on saturday. I got a pack of design G of becky higgins’ PL photo pocket pages. I love these pages because they have some of everything. on each side, there are slots for 2 horizontal and 2 vertical 4x6 prints, as well as 2 3x4 (or 2 journaling cards). I also love that they are 10x12, so they will sit slightly inside the edges of the 12x12 regular pages, which makes it kind of clear that they belong ‘inside’ the week in which they are sitting. if you don’t get it, don’t worry. I do, and it’s my book!092094093096091102101107106113

next week should be interesting… packing packing packing… and we move on saturday!

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