Tuesday, May 22, 2012


sunday was mother’s day, and layla was up before 7 to give me the gift she’d made for me at school.

but way more exciting than that is the fact that we were waking up in our new house!!! (in beds this time!)

shane has been planning to do some trail blazing through the woods to make paths and tree houses and all that fun stuff. he’s asking for a machete for his birthday this year… that morning, he could be found beyond the fence with a hoe and a pair of clippers…071 - Copy

while I unpacked boxes inside, dave and shane (and micah and ginger) got the trampoline put back together.074

and FINALLY!!! shane got to take the mower out for a spin. he drove down the road and mowed my parents’ yard first.072

and then came back here and mowed our backyard.074 - Copy

meanwhile, the playroom was set up and layla and micah decided to do a floor puzzle. these were one of the first things packed a month ago!076

and then dave had to physically extract shane from the mower so he could have a turn… (not really, but there was some negotiating.)079

and that box got opened! I had nearly hyperventilated when I packed my current project life album and sealed up the box (last thursday). so unpacking it set all things right in my world!080

and micah decided to swim in the water table…083

and then shane gave the younger two rides on the mower!085

layla got to steer!087

check out all those empty boxes! the formal dining room is currently empty box headquarters, since we don’t have furniture for in there yet.089

and my parents came over for dinner again. it was a fancy mother’s day dinner of KFC takeout! hey, we didn’t have to cook = fine by me!090

and the kids got grandma to read them stories before bed…092

great day!

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