Thursday, May 31, 2012

project life – may 2012

week 18: this is the first week I got a chance to use one of the design G photo pocket pages. I used it for my pictures of from the baseball game. I’m going to go back and use some labels on those. I also have rethought the big handwritten, notebook paper log of our week. I’ve since started typing them up and printing them, either half size on 2 sides or full size on one side, depending on what else I have going in that week. I may go back and replace that. the only other thing of note is that I have a half sheet of 2x2’s for the instagrams. I just filled the first two columns of the page and then cut off the rest. mary convinced me to be ruthless about that, and I love the way it looks. I love the layers within the weekly layouts – how everything is not all the same size. 001002003 - Copy007 - Copy

week 19: pretty similar, except this week features the addition of the label stickers. I LOVE these. especially when all a picture needs is just a short little caption, rather than a whole card’s worth of story. I cut the instagram page again, this week, this time using 3 columns.009 - Copy011 - Copy

this is also the week we moved, so I had a lot of pictures from that. I used 2 of the design G pages. one for friday and one for saturday.012 - Copy014017

week 20: I only had 3 instagrams this week, so I just stuck those in here and there on 3x4 cards where they fit. 019021024

week 21: this week, dave was in california with micah, and I was here with the other kids. it made it a little more complicated to choose photos for each day, since we were both taking them.034036039

week 22: 2 columns of instagrams, a design G dedicated to a birthday party that layla attended on saturday, and the first typed and printed weekly log. I like this so much better. on the back side of that I have a drawing layla made which mimics tuesday’s picture005006007008

that’s may!

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