Tuesday, May 22, 2012

moving day!

so saturday, the 12th, was moving day. we woke up early and dave and shane drove off to get the truck.

068 - Copylayla’s new room has this huge, awesome, built in desk, and she wasted no time finding some art supplies and setting to work.

069 - Copytoby was getting a little bit brave (maybe curious is a better word) about the world downstairs… not that he actually went. I think it took him 2 days before he went down the stairs voluntarily.

of course, I forgot/was too busy to take any pictures of stuff getting loaded and all that, but we had plenty of friends show up to help us out. what a blessing!

057as soon as it was out of the truck, we set up the water table to keep the kids busy. mine have been asking about it since sometime in march (brrr!) and I said we weren’t going to use it until after we moved.

061adam added to the fun of the water table by introducing us to “amy pee-pee pants”! 058an empty box is apparently an open invitation to the baby…

059micah was helping to carry pieces of the climber into the back yard.063and then he set to work making letters out of them…064which inspired layla to write her name.

after everything was unloaded, we had some beers/wine and grilled some burgers and dogs. my parents came over to help us celebrate.

066dave and my mom on the porch swing.

067my dad, demonstrating how he always eats hamburgers… the ketchup is used for dipping, not putting directly on the burger.

070ginger, hoping adam doesn’t really want to eat that hot dog.

069amy and layla… thumbs up! that’s what I say about moving day!

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