Sunday, April 22, 2012

week 16 in pictures

this week may be the start of something crazy. I discovered instagram on wednesday of this week and my picture taking went from orderly to off the charts crazy. I have had a hard time wrapping my head around what I’m going to do with all these pictures, and an even harder time wrapping my head around how this incorporates with project life, but somehow it will all work out. at any rate, there are a LOT of pictures this week, and few of them are cut and dry. the big kids were also on spring break, and then shane got sick half way through the week, so nothing is remotely ‘normal’.

sunday: I know I’ve posted pictures before of the kids chasing dave and the lawnmower. every time he mows, they chase him. have for years. not sure why, but it’s a tradition. following him around, back and forth, across the whole lawn. many grass stains have been the result of this. at any rate, I discovered on sunday, that ginger does it too. yet another reason she is perfect for our family.001

monday: our neighbors across the street had some house guests for a few days. there was a little girl among them that layla quickly adopted and became BFFs with. she’s actually only 3, but layla is completely unconcerned with age…only gender! Picasa59

tuesday: cheering herself on. “go me! give me a chance to win that trophy!” 013

wednesday: the kids had eye doctor appointments this morning, and that would have been a good thing to include in the book, but I forgot my camera AND my phone, so I was outa luck. instead, we have micah and his “tool belt”. he made a bunch of tools out of legos and stuck them in his pants, using the waist band as a tool belt. dave and I were rolling as he went around ‘fixing’ things and attempting to keep them from falling down his pant legs.Picasa60

thursday: pt for layla.Picasa61

friday: I had a busy day, trying to get a bunch of housekeeping stuff done. shane was also still running a temperature. I didn’t take any ‘normal’ photos, but a bunch of instagram shots that documented my progress through the day, so I just decided to stick them all on a collage and call it a day.Picasa58

saturday: quite an eventful day, and hard to chose a pic. dave stole my phone and took this one of me. I decided to use it, 1) because I think it’s a decent picture of me, and 2) because there are seldom pictures of me in this book since I’m the one who is taking all the pictures. the rest of the day consists of being outside in the gorgeous sunshine, micah swimming in a puddle, layla bringing me dandelion bouquets, climbing trees, digging in dirt, and finally micah trying to rip off his toenail by shutting his foot in the door. all the fun kind of came to a crashing (bloody) halt at that point.Picasa63

I have a few verticals that I will stick in the center slots…017019

and then the instagrams. I found these pocket pages that are intended for coin collecting, but would work for photos. it’s a page with 20 2x2 slots. I have more than 40 here, so I’ll have to choose a couple to toss, but that should be okay. I’m printing them, 6 on a 4x6 print, and then I’ll just cut them apart to put them in the slots. hopefully it’ll be awesome!002003005006008002011023027029005007002010015017020023025028030006013017021085003005007010012014018025031033035037041049055057

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