Sunday, April 15, 2012

week 15 in pictures

I have a TON of pictures this week, so there will be lots of inserts. guess that means life is NOT boring! ;)

sunday: happy easter! I’m lame and don’t have a picture of everyone dressed up, or a picture of our easter dinner spread, or the church, or anything that remotely screams “easter”… the best I can do for an all-encompassing easter picture is the kids, checking out their baskets, first thing in the morning. yes, layla’s opening a z-bar, and shane is sitting across the room blowing his trumpet… what can I say, we’re non-traditional, I guess. 001I’m also including a big collage of all the pictures of different random stuff we did that day. you can read about it all here.Picasa41

monday: kids on the trampoline… nothing major.016

tuesday: the fact that layla can read now is awesome on so many levels… she gets such a kick out of reading to her brother. he thinks it’s awesome, too!017

wednesday: I borrowed a suit for shane to wear to school on thursday, for his ‘wax museum’ project. part of getting ready the night before was learning how to tie a tie.002

thursday: see that? it’s a SOLD sign on our new house!!!!036

friday: holy cow, what a day! the kids had the day off of school for a teacher work day, and shane had spent the night at my parents’ house to hang out and help grandma make spaghetti sauce and chili… so after a slow morning, the younger two, the dog, and I threw down some lunch and then headed over to marymoor park to ride bikes. that was the plan. but after riding around for about an hour, they were asking for a playground. so we loaded up the bikes and drove to a different area of the park (before you call us lazy, this is a HUGE park!) to play. after about an hour of that, we decided to walk over to the off-leash area and let ginger run a bit. she ran, chased other dogs’ balls, swam, sniffed, etc… we followed her around and enjoyed the beautiful weather. then we decided we were tired and it was time to head home. but on the way back to the car, we noticed a huge fire truck, parked nearby, so we stopped to check it out. I have no idea what they were doing there, but there were 3 nice firefighters and a crowd of kids, taking turns ‘driving’ the truck and checking stuff out. then we FINALLY headed home and gave the already wet dog a bath!013Picasa44

saturday: another gorgeous day! shane and dave rode 50 miles in the morning, then came home and did yardwork. the rest of us had an indoor kind of morning and and outdoor afternoon, complete with ice cream on the back deck in the sun.031

layla, practicing her monkey bar skills on the climber.Picasa43

and the extras:Picasa42

  1. shane, as john deere for the 6th grade wax museum.
  2. just one of my unfortunate incidents in unloading the stuff after a costco run.
  3. ginger and layla, being dogs in the sun.
  4. ginger, fresh after her bath.
  5. ginger, trying to rub off some of the fresh after her bath.
  6. layla, hard  at work drawing paper food for her barbie picnic.

that’s it - quite enough, I think!

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