Monday, April 2, 2012

week 13 in pictures

sunday: layla had a birthday party to attend at skate king. she was SUper excited and had a blast. did pretty good, too. not nearly as big of a spaz as last time.084

monday: my parents came over to for us all to meet with our fabulous realtor in order to get all the papers signed to put an offer on the house(s)!!!! layla and micah were each given a phone to play on during all of this. pretty funny.023

tuesday: drum roll please…………………

WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!!! our original offer was countered at a price we liked. as of tuesday afternoon, we are in mutual acceptance!ImageStoreCA8MIYVY

wednesday: first box got packed! I’m just a little excited about moving.005

thursday: layla, designing the treehouses she and shane are going to be building in the woods behind our new house.010

friday: layla stayed home from school with a cough. she wanted to play a game. remember that big box from wednesday? yeah, that was full of games. ALL of our games… so, she fixed the problem in her own special layla way. she made one out of paper.027

saturday: busy day. new house inspection in the morning – dave and shane and my dad went to that, all fool’s day parade at the same time for micah, layla and i, then a birthday party for layla at a gymnastics place, and then we all left to head south to visit our friends, kat and cole.016

and the extras:Picasa35

  1. skating party shot.
  2. more at the skating party. cake and ice cream.
  3. micah and dave trying out the papasan chair we got off of craigslist
  4. I got to skate at the party too!
  5. mary found me an extra set of dividers for the amber album. since I have 2 years in this book, my sense of order was severely messed with by the idea of NOT using the dividers, or using only 1 set.
  6. my messy dining table. one of the things I’m MOST looking forward to at our new house is the fact that the dining room will not be the multi-purpose room of the house and I will not have to clean all of that stuff off before EVERY meal!
  7. layla and micah in the back of my dad’s truck. they like to pretend it’s a boat. in this case, it’s a pirate ship. so they made paper eye patches, and brought their ‘pets’ (2 stuffed dogs) on board.
  8. my mom and layla reading a good night story.

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