Thursday, April 12, 2012

vashon island

last saturday, dave and shane went on a training ride with the TNT folks over on vashon island. it’s a great place with lots of spectacular views of the area (and lots of ups and downs for conditioning cyclists!).

IMG_20120407_105252_1IMG_20120407_105506awesome weather and clear skies means “the mountain is out”! if you’re from around here, you know what that means. if you’re not, I’ll translate: mt. rainier is visible! (and gorgeous, as always!)

IMG_20120407_105637pretty sure the thumbs up is a reference to the weather!

across puget sound…IMG_20120407_122341

and that, folks, is why people live here. we just try to keep it all hidden behind the rain and clouds most of the time or it would get too crowded!

Winking smile

1 comment:

  1. I did the crooked thumb in the shadow as a tribute to my Dad who I asked the group to dedicate the ride to this past weekend.



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