Wednesday, April 25, 2012


and sick, sick, sick…

we are sick. we have the flu, or something like that. it’s not horrible, nobody’s dying… we’ve definitely all had worse, but it’s still no fun. and we all seem to have just a slightly different strain of it!

on wednesday, shane woke up with a dry cough. a tickle in his throat. we went to the eye dr. and he had his eyes dilated. this gave him a headache. a headache that lasted ALL day. he just sat around. the next day, his head still hurt, he was still coughing, and he still just laid around. he also added a sore throat to his résumé and when I took his temperature that night, he was at 102.5. yup. sick.

friday he still had the fever, cough, and sore throat.

saturday morning he had a slight fever, but by evening even that was gone, but his throat was still hurting a lot. I called the nurse line at the dr.’s office to see if they thought he should come in and have his throat swabbed. they said to wait a day.

saturday is also the day I started coughing and feeling worn down…

sunday, micah woke up with a fever. he laid in my bed all day. sleeping most of it. he got out of bed 3 times to go to the bathroom and that’s it. he was feverish all day, and tylenol didn’t even perk him up like it usually will (a phenomenon we like to call the “tylenol rally” where they run around like normal children until it wears off. we usually use this as an opportunity to shove some food into them before they start feeling bad again!). he also had a nasty, croupy sounding cough. fever topped out at 102 that evening.

I was perfectly happy to lay in bed with micah that day. I was coughing a ton, had a raging headache, and was doing a lot of the hot and cold thing… so I probably had a touch of the fever as well.

shane’s throat was feeling better at this point, no fever, but still coughing. he was clambering to get out of the house, so I agreed to let him go next door and see what was going on. he came back about half an hour later because he noticed this weird rash on his hands. little bumps all over his fingers and the backs of his hands. awesome. his legs were also very sore and achy.

monday morning, shane got up and showered at the normal time to go to band, but decided he still didn’t feel that well, and his hands were still all bumpy. micah was still hot and coughing, so I called the dr.’s office as soon as they opened and got an appointment for both of them that morning.

I sent layla to school, and shoved myself into the shower so I could take them. shane definitely looked the worst. his throat was red and he had some little red bruising dots on his stomach, chest, and arms, that alerted the dr. to wanting to draw some blood and look at his white cell and platelet count. he also did a strep test. everything came back looking okay. the numbers came back low on the bloodwork, but not alarmingly low and he said that probably just indicated a virus. nothing alarming showed up in micah’s exam, and he looked at his toe as well (that’s the real reason I made the appointment for him as well – since he had to go along anyway).

we all came home and chilled. both micah and shane fell asleep. I sat around and coughed and drank a lot of tea and ate popsicles until 3, when I got a call from layla’s teacher. apparently she had not been feeling well and even fell asleep in class. there was only half an hour left of school, but I decided to go and get her. when I got to the office, she was curled up in a chair looking pathetic. we came home and she got directly into bed. didn’t even take off her shoes.  she had the fever too.

tuesday, shane went to school. he was still coughing some, but felt okay.

I kept micah home from preschool because he’d had the fever the day before, but he acted fine all day and was totally back to himself. just a smidge of the cough remained, but other than that, I declared him to be better.

I was still coughing a ton, and was very achy as well. if I talked too much, I would completely lose my voice.

layla slept pretty much all day on the couch. her fever never went higher than about 101.5. no coughing though, which was interesting.

that brings us to today…

shane went to school.

micah doesn’t have preschool today, but is just fine. still coughing a tiny bit, but he’s totally back to normal.

I woke up in the middle of the night because my nose was running like crazy! interesting. still coughing a ton, voice still very sketchy, but now adding sneezing and crazy runny nose, and I have a crazy sinus headache. awesome.

layla is definitely feeling better than yesterday, but is still a little warm and is now sneezing a ton.

so weird.

shane is the only one who has had the sore throat and the rash (so far – since it wasn’t until day 5 that that showed up for him).

layla is the only one who hasn’t had the cough.

can’t wait to see what dave gets! LOL. so far he’s holding out… hope it stays that way!

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