Tuesday, April 24, 2012

saturday catastrophy

we had a little mishap on saturday afternoon. it was a gorgeous day, and the kids (well, the younger 2. shane was sick.) were outside most of the day. they had decided it was swimsuit weather and layla even tried to convince me to take them to the park so they could swim in the lake.

um. no.

but at some point, micah ran inside, and then came back out, and like he’s been well-trained to do, shut the door behind him.

except he wasn’t all the way out, and he shut the door on his foot.

he immediately hit the deck and started screaming, and then I saw that his toe was gushing blood. I had no idea if he had cut it or what, but I ran inside to grab a towel so I wouldn’t get blood all over everything. (yeah, I know. messed up priorities – don’t worry, it only took a couple seconds.) at any rate, I hauled him into the bathroom and managed to discover that his toe was not cut, but that he had nearly ripped his toenail off when the door closed over it. better? worse? not sure. either way, it was nasty. I had no idea how far he had torn it, nor was I going to go trying to find out. at this point, my only priorities were to help him feel better and to get it to stop bleeding.

he was really very brave about the whole thing. when the bleeding had slowed down, I had him lay on the bed with daddy and elevate his foot, while I held a washrag over it and kept pressure on it.


I eventually wrapped it up in a bandage and some tape. he did bleed through it by morning, but it wasn’t bad.

we were at the doctor yesterday, and he had a look at it. says it’s just fine. it will be ugly and sore and the toenail will eventually fall off, but it looks like a good, clean injury and should heal just fine if we keep it clean and covered.


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