Thursday, April 5, 2012

random ginger facts

I LOVE this dog. she is so sweet. and a very good dog too!


fact: ginger has rather ample uh… jowls? the flaps of skin that hang over her mouth on either side. at any rate, they are slightly more significant and floppy than sophie had (not sure about all labs… I never really paid attention.) the only reason I notice this is because when she goes snuffling around with her nose to the ground, they flap in and out at a high speed. it’s hilarious to watch. I love watching her sniff around the backyard.

fact: ginger is actually crazy obedient. she’s great at being off-leash (better than on, actually) and keeps a close eye on me, even when she’s scampering around exploring. and you just say her name or ‘come’ and she’s immediately heading your direction.

yesterday, I let her out in the backyard, but I forgot that I had left the gate unlocked in the morning (when I had to go around back after coming back from the bus in the morning, because I had locked myself out). at any rate, I realized ginger had been out awhile, and then remembered that the gate was open. so I went out on the deck and called her. she didn’t come. I called her several more times, but she didn’t come. so I headed through the house to go out the front door to find where she’d wandered off to… there she was at the front door, waiting for me to let her in. she did come.

fact: it seems I am the alpha.

fact: ginger is SO lab! she is the greeter to anyone who comes to the door. if any food falls on the floor, she’s on it. she passed the crusty casserole dish test. she likes to be where her people are. in the evening, when we’re putting the kids to bed, she comes in and lays down on the floor in their room. after that, if dave and I are hanging out in the livingroom, she’s there. when we go to bed, she comes and sleeps right next to our bed.

fact: ginger is a little bit neurotic about balls. just so you know, it is in your best interest to not throw, pick up, handle, kick, or even look at a ball unless you intend to spend the next decade of your life throwing it for her. I have yet to see her get tired out of chasing it.

fact: ginger does not shed nearly as much as sophie did! this is good news.

fact: ginger is a good watch dog. she totally alerts us to the fact that someone has knocked on the front door… or the bathroom door, or a bedroom door, or the wall between the kitchen and the shower when shane has been in there too long.

fact: we love her.

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