Monday, April 30, 2012

project life– april 2012

so, this is what the month of april (minus the 29th and 30th) look like in the binder. as always, the way I do things is evolving. part of me loves that flexibility, another part (the compulsive part) is completely annoyed by it because it’s not the same all the way through the year… oh well, hopefully I’ll live!

week 14: nothing too super shocking or unusual. I have 1 8x10 collage of extra pics from the week, and on the back side of that, I have the class newsletter that mentions that layla was the student of the week.009010

week 15: this was a busy, photo-happy week. sunday was easter, so I have a whole 8x10 collage dedicated to that day. on the back of that are 2 weekly vocab tests of shane’s on which he got 100%. then we have an 8x10 collage of pics from the long day we spent at marymoor, and on the back of that I have a 5x7 of the week’s extra pics and a 5x7 collage of layla practicing monkey bar technique on our backyard dome climber.011012013

week 16: and this is where stuff gets weird. I discovered instagram this week and went a little nuts. I also have decided to be a little less anal with the whole 1 pic + 1 journaling card EVERY day. there are a couple of reasons for this – some pictures are self-explanatory, and I always have some vertical pics that I want to include, and I’m also really getting burned out on the big collages. they’re just not doing it for me lately. so, I have made good use of the journaling cards that I did use, often including more than one picture’s journaling on a card, with liberal use of the nifty arrow stickers. I also found these awesome pocket pages that have 20 2x2 openings that are perfect for instagram pics. I collaged 6 on a 4x6 print and then cropped them into individual squares. awesome.014015

week 17: this week I decided to keep a running ‘log’ or diary of what went on during the week. I had seen several different ways of doing this from others and I really liked the idea. what I didn’t like, is that all of those were typed up and I am just super compulsive about the hand written stuff. this is why I will probably never switch completely to digital scrapbooking. so I decided to just write a little something each day on a sheet of notebook paper and included that. I’m not sure yet that I love it, and I’m having a definite dilemma over whether I want that sheet in the front of the instagram page, or in back. and I’m totally aware that I’m spending entirely too much time and mental energy obsessing about that! ;)016017018

that’s it for april. I’ll include the last 2 days in my may post because it’s more concise that way.

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