Thursday, April 12, 2012

moving progress

have I mentioned we’re moving????!!!!


I’m just a tad excited!

right now, we are kind of in the middle of hurry up and wait, which is driving me crazy!!!! we are still a month from closing and, while I’m sure there is a TON to do before then, I am feeling like there’s only so much I can do to get ready at this point.

I want to be able to just throw the whole house in boxes, move everything out, clean, and be done with it… however, we still have a month to spend in this house and kind of need things like clothes and dishes and stuff like that…

but, I have a big stack of boxes staged in the garage, my linen closet and a corner of my bedroom are full of stuff to be given away/garage saled, and shelves, walls, and closets are starting to be emptied.

the first box packed!005

organizing and sorting all of the art and craft supplies. they are now PACKED!!!! only some drawing utensils, a couple pairs of scissors, and printer paper remains out. layla’s desk is EMPTY!!!! (and don’t tell her, but I threw out a TON of crap from in there! so super thankful for my neighbor who called at exactly the right time on saturday and asked if layla wanted to come over and dye easter eggs!!!)013

the packed boxes in the garage… this is 3 deep, and 2 or 3 high all they way back. I’ve added more since taking this picture.014

the bare walls of my hallway! all the pictures in the house have been taken down and packed. it looks really weird.015

so excited!!! can’t wait to be unpacking in our new, wonderful yellow house!!!

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