Thursday, April 19, 2012

instagram addict

okay, I admit it. I was a total nay-sayer. I was a skeptic. I wanted NOTHING to do with it. I didn’t get it. it seemed redundant and unnecessary and I was not going to do it.

and then yesterday, something possessed me to start fiddling around with instagram.

and I couldn’t stop…002003005006008029002005007010015017020023025028030

so, why am I so CRAZY about this? hard to say. part of it, I think, is that the simple, square, crappy format seems to legitimize my desire to record all the mundane aspects of our life. the funky filters are fun to play with and they take crappy cell phone pictures and make them look cool. with life the way it is, I wind up taking more and more pictures with my phone and I’ve always hated the quality. BUT, sometimes, that’s all I’ve got. it doesn’t need to be a super-high quality picture EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. it would be awesome if it was, but it’s not, and this gives me an excuse to be okay with it.

yes, I take pictures of everything. I do. I like taking pictures of everything. I like writing about everything. I’m an amateur journalist and my subject is only my life. my family. and pretty much, that is my audience. now, and generations from now.

I’m an instagram addict. and I’m okay with that.

my only complaint is that I wish the borders were consistent. I would like the freedom to choose whatever filter looks best on the picture, without having to worry about having a million different borders. because you know I’m going to print these, and you know they’re going in my project life albums…

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