Saturday, April 14, 2012

fun at marymoor

friday was the park day that just kept going. and going. and going!

it was a nice day out, and the kids were off school, so we were going to walk to the park by us and hopefully bump into some friends. but layla really wanted to ride her bike, and I am not comfortable handling her on a bike, plus micah (who would probably be upset if he couldn’t take his bike too), plus ginger on the leash on the busy streets that lead from our house to the park. but she was really wanting to ride, so I suddenly had this epiphany that we should drive our bikes (and ourselves) over to marymoor instead and ride in the big empty lot (where the big cavalia tents were). it’s a great place to ride because there’s no traffic and there’s hardly anyone ever using it.

she thought it was a GREAT idea!

of course, when we got there, there were workers and a dump truck in the lot fixing all the holes left by the aforementioned tents. oh well, there was still plenty of space to ride.002004

ginger was very happy, and spent her time either sniffing around or following the kids as they rode. she does a good job of keeping track of all her people!003005

then the kids decided they wanted to go to the playground. so we loaded up the bikes and headed over there. layla worked on perfecting her monkey bar skills, and micah defended his sister’s honor by screaming at another kid, “HEY! WAYWA WAS GOING TO USE THAT ONE!!!” when he tried to get on the bouncy/rocking toy she was about to get on. that’ll teach him!

I didn’t take any pictures there. lame mom.

then, we decided to take ginger over to the off-leash area and let her have a run. she had a blast. running, sniffing, swimming, stealing balls from other dogs, and trying to adopt every human walking by who was carrying a chuck-it. 006007009010

when everyone was exhausted from walking around (this place is huge!) we were heading back toward the car to go home. but then we saw a huge fire truck, just chilling there by the parking lot. so we went over to check it out.

011014013they both got fire hats and got to ‘drive’ the truck. what a day! it was lots of fun, but very tiring! we came home and gave ginger a bath. now she smells so good!


  1. so, how do you put a wet dog in the car without getting the car covered in wet dog?



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