Monday, April 9, 2012


alleluia! he is risen!

easter morning – baskets:001005 right now, I LOVE when micah gets presents of any kind. apparently, there is an optimum present-appreciation window, and he is in it. it doesn’t matter what it is, everything is met with a, “WOW!!! A _______________!!! I LOVE ________s!!!!!” he was particularly impressed with the giant pencil and the NEW play dough.006the kids always get a few ‘practical’ things in their baskets… shane got new body wash. manly body wash. something that smells strongly enough that I will know whether or not he’s actually USED it during the 5 hours he spends in the shower every morning…

009012layla had been lamenting the fact that the tiara she had like 2 years ago broke. so a new one found it’s way into her basket, along with a sparkly headband that she could wear with her easter dress to church… I’m so excited that her bangs are FINALLY grown out enough to make headbands an effective hair styling tool.

remember how micah is in optimum present-appreciation mode? well, layla, not so much. her practical item was toothpaste. it was NOT appreciated. apparently, layla no longer likes princesses, and her entire easter basket was RUINED by the presence of princess toothpaste. TOOTHPASTE!!! ugh. her attitude about the whole thing caused me to threaten to return the entire contents of her basket to the store, should she not dry up and stop acting like a spoiled little brat (not a direct quote, but something of that genre). she did eventually allow herself to overlook the offensive toothpaste and pull herself together enough to enjoy her easter!

of course, I was a big flake and forgot to take a picture of the kids dressed for church. although, I’m sure the picture would have been ruined by a scowling shane… who apparently thinks it is completely unreasonable that he was not allowed to wear skinny jeans, a ratty, holey, mariners t-shirt, and a flannel to church on easter, and that polo shirts are seriously offensive. who knew?

013015immediately after church, shane and micah busted out the new play dough and made this totally cool bird!

then we cleaned up the sty house and threw the ham in the oven and waited for my parents to get there.

it was so nice and sunny and warm (highly unusual for easter in the NW) and the kids were running around outside in bare feet, shorts and t-shirts!

after my parents arrived, my dad was apparently sighted in the front yard, sporting this fabulous look…016

after dinner, it was the annual grandparent-sponsored easter egg hunt. (ie: they put money in plastic eggs and the kids find them.)018023027ginger helped out by carrying the basket of empty eggs over to my mom for refilling for the next hunter!


all in all, it was a fun easter. my parents stayed way late chatting, which was great. I can’t wait until they’re right next door!

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