Tuesday, April 17, 2012

cleaning out the ‘dump’ bucket

I assume everyone has one of these, or something similar. it’s the receptacle that sits somewhere in your laundry room and collects all the stuff you pull out of pockets as you are throwing clothes into the washer. mine sits on my dryer. it is not fancy. it is an old oxi-clean container.

generally, this bucket falls into the category of “stuff I don’t want to deal with”, but with moving, I’m more inspired to tackle this sort of thing because there is NO WAY I’m moving unnecessary crap.

and anyway, it was getting kind of full. 003

I honestly have no idea how long it’s been since I last went through this, but it was WELL past time to do it.

and so, this is what I found:008

  1. 2 baseball cards
  2. 1 ticket from the light-rail when shane and I went to the sounders game last august
  3. a small plastic fish from one of the math packs that layla brought home weekly from kindergarten (yes, that should have been returned a year ago).
  4. a triangle pattern block
  5. 2 miniature bowling pins
  6. a fancy polished rock
  7. 6 marbles
  8. a band from a road id bracelet
  9. 2 guitar picks
  10. 2 bicycle tubes. I have no idea if these are good or not.
  11. 2 small pins – one from heifer international with a goat on it, the other with a picture of a bike.
  12. the cap from a bike tube.
  13. 2 poker chips
  14. 2 buttons
  15. a stick pin
  16. 2 sets of glow in the dark vampire teeth
  17. a couple random legos
  18. a sequin
  19. a stash of ponytail holders and hair clips
  20. random hardware (screws, nails, washers, etc.)
  21. 85 cents
  22. a bowling belt loop from shane’s cub scout days
  23. 7 christmas light caps and a gutter clip
  24. 3 rubber bands
  25. a pile of safety pins
  26. the top of a mechanical pencil
  27. a brown bear car wash token
  28. 2 clips of varying sorts
  29. a bead braclet
  30. a tinker toy
  31. a pocket coin with a jesus fish on it
  32. a purple bead
  33. a tire pressure gauge
  34. a small green craft pompom
  35. a paperclip
  36. a wooden hole plug
  37. clothespins
  38. 2 foam heart stickers
  39. keys for a bike lock
  40. an outlet cover
  41. an extra link from my watch
  42. 3 round plastic things that I couldn’t identify
  43. a very dusty – covered in dryer lint – strap for sunglasses
  44. a water bill from 09
  45. other random papers dated 09
  46. a lunch receipt of dave’s
  47. and a set of headphones that does not belong to anyone in our family

and then there was all the lint.

I am happy to report that most of that stuff has been either returned to it’s appropriate home or thrown away. there are a few things left out because I’m not sure what to do with them.

maybe dave will know…

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