Tuesday, March 6, 2012

week 9 in pictures

well, it was an interesting week… not exactly in sunday through saturday format, but oh well.

sunday: big treat – I let them play games on my phone. they are angry birds masters. note – micah is wearing a pirate hat. he adopted this over the weekend and the only time we managed to get it off of him was for church. he had made a sword out of legos, but was mad because it kept breaking. so dave made him one out of cardboard and he thought it was wonderful! he wore that getup, with the sword, and bright red, monster truck rain boots to home depot… 006

monday: we apparently made a cat hammock. dave and I were sitting on the couch, with our feet up on the coffee table, sharing a blanket. toby came and settled himself between us.002

wednesday: it was layla’s turn to be the “all about me” student in her class. one of the things she got to do was ‘bring a friend to lunch’, and she chose daddy!IMG_20120229_110641

thursday: layla’s first post-casts PT appointment. lots of walking, stretching, and balance stuff. Picasa24

also thursday: a few shots from our not-so-awesome situation at the ER.Picasa23

saturday: dave and shane were helping amy and adam move. I gave dave instructions to get a picture of shane lifting something heavy… that’s what he does. he is the resident pack mule, and he loves every second of it. I think this particular shot is just awesome. and yeah, that’s a recliner.IMG_20120303_135635

also saturday: uncle david and finnigan selfie… they’re just a little cute!IMG_20120303_162616

and that’s that! I’m hoping this is the only week of 2012 that will involve pictures taken in the ER!

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