Monday, March 26, 2012

week 12 in pictures

sunday: another shot of micah and his future wife… this time they are “in bed”. LOL!023

monday: no picture. will have to have someone draw something for me.

tuesday: micah was inspired by something we were watching on tv. they were playing laser tag out in the woods, so he went and got his hat and mittens on, made himself a rifle out of legos, and proceeded to crawl army-style across the livingroom, shooting lasers at everyone.004

wednesday: spring is officially springing everywhere! these are a few pretties I found in our yard.014012

this one I will use little in one of the small vertical slots in the book.









thursday: physical therapy for layla. this time they played some floor hockey. 006

friday: super sunny day! the start of a beautiful weekend. micah was outside climbing…018017

ginger was too! she asked to be let out. walked straight off the deck, found a spot in the sun and laid down.








saturday: sunrise at camp lutherwood. this was our morning gathering at the point. so pretty!026

and the extras: I have two 8x10 collages of the kids at camp from friday night and saturday.Picasa33Picasa34

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