Sunday, March 11, 2012

week 10 in pictures

sunday: my parents were over for dinner, and my dad was demonstrating the advantages of being 6’9” and almost as tall as the pull-up bar.035

monday: micah made a playdough ladybug. cute, huh?002

tuesday: layla got her stitches out after school. her lip is healing nicely, and it didn’t even hurt.003

wednesday: shane had his second band concert of the year. I couldn’t take a picture of him actually playing because there were people blocking our view. I didn’t want to be rude and stand up in the middle of it. so I snapped this across the gym while the jr. high band was setting up. he’s over there on the bleachers in the black shirt.004

thursday: PT appt for layla. the aquarium by the check in desk has this HUGE hermit crab. I had no idea they could be this big. it’s really pretty… in a creepy sort of way.007

friday: date night! dave had to go over to the plateau to pick up some shirts from his friend, nick. I ditched the kids and met him over there. we had dinner at the pine lake ale house. YUM! this was my drink. a ‘traditional’ appletini. it’s what I had one night years ago when we were dating. so it’s kind of reminiscent! 012

saturday: today we made ginger a part of our family! Picasa26

and the extras:Picasa25

  1. a lovely patch of crocuses blooming at the school!
  2. my post-workout meal of coffee and bacon.
  3. helping shane with his popcorn science experiment.
  4. a morning routine… doing layla’s hair.
  5. shane, taste-testing science experiment.
  6. layla, AKA darth sidius.
  7. dave and todd… modeling one of the “real dawgs fight cancer” shirts he had made.

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