Saturday, February 11, 2012

week 6 in pictures

lots of stuff this week that required more than one shot for the situation… so we have lots of collages.

sunday: nothing, but micah drew me a picture (lots of them, actually) to use in the slot.

monday: back for casting appointment #2. this time, it involved getting them cut off with the cast saw – interesting, but not nearly as traumatic as it sounds… then she got a foot bath (hallelujah!), and picked blue and green for her next set.Picasa11

tuesday: just a little glimpse of what it’s like to eat dinner with micah. he is required to take 1 (just ONE) bite of whatever it is we’re having for dinner. this time it was some chicken soup. of course he didn’t want anything to do with it… oh the drama! yes, he eventually swallowed it. yes, he survived.Picasa12

wednesday: micah and I went to a local ‘indoor playground’ at a community center. he had fun running around and playing with all the toys. he decided to try and cram himself into this little boat… notice the knees, which are turned sideways because that’s the only way he would fit…034

thursday: casting #3. this time, they had layla try walking around a little bit with her casts off… that was interesting. she pretty much couldn’t because it was so weird and her muscles are all out of whack. the PT says that it’s normal. new casts this time: purple and red.Picasa14

friday: these are a collection of (marginally flattering) pictures that layla took while we were at my parents’ house for dinner on friday night. shane was not with us because he went to a middle school ‘dance’ with a friend (no, not a girl!). my parents got some new phone system, and dave was setting it up for them while we were there.Picasa13

saturday: dave and I took layla and micah to see ‘beauty and the beast’ in 3D at the theater. it was good, they enjoyed it, we had fun, etc. but WHAT A RIPOFF! I’ve known that going to the movies is expensive, but HOLY COW! talk about ripping off the american public! we had a bunch of gift cards, but like 55 bucks to get the 4 of us in? $7 for popcorn? that’s just nuts. NUTS! going to the movies should be something fun that families can do together, or teenagers can do with their friends, or lovers can go to on a date… without having to take out a loan! sheesh! okay, off my soapbox. we had fun. and it is pretty cool in 3D.011

and the extras:Picasa15

  1. on monday, I washed a load of towels and then threw them in the dryer. it wouldn’t start. so I had them hung on the rack in the bathroom, over the heat vent, with the heat cranked up, but there was no way they were getting dry in this century… fortunately, dave was able to fix it that evening w/ only 1 trip to the hardware store and a $20 part.
  2. a sunny day at the park – and my super tall, deformed shadow.
  3. is that a banana in your pocket, or… oh wait, that IS a banana in your pocket.
  4. micah, contemplating dinner…
  5. micah, unhappy about the ONE bite of roast beef that he has to eat.
  6. toby, contemplating my project life album…
  7. toby, getting a closer look at pictures of his people. love it. even the cat is excited about project life!

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