Saturday, February 25, 2012

current favorites

wow. I just LOVE finding random posts that I wrote a few years ago. and it really confirms for me that all the time I spend blogging, scrapbooking, and in all other ways recording our family’s life is not time wasted. I just happened upon this one from just over two years ago. I love it. love it love it love it! in some ways, so much is the same, and in other ways, so much is different. and, it inspired me to do another one. so, without further ado, here are my children’s current likes and dislikes:

shane likes:

  • school. yes, you read that right. shane likes school. shane likes the social aspect of school. he likes his friends, he likes the clubs he’s involved in, he likes band, he likes riding the bus, etc.
  • his cat, toby. AKA, mr. fat pants. and toby is very compliant about snuggling up just about whenever shane wants to impose this on him. he also loves to come and sit on him when he’s doing his homework or laying in bed reading.
  • AFV, heavy metal task force, 19 kids and counting, anything on DIY.
  • skinny jeans (or basketball shorts) those are the only 2 appropriate options for clothing the lower half of one’s body.
  • the military. shane has taken on a sudden fascination with the military. he likes searching out information on the internet, watching youtube videos of recruits getting yelled at by drill sergeants, checking out very large vehicles, etc.
  • 2 different sets of neighbors, susie and kevin, and chuck and terry. both of these people now ‘employ’ shane on a somewhat regular basis. he still helps susie in her garden, but also has recently helped them install a HUGE greenhouse on the property. he frequently house/cat sits for chuck and terry, and likes to go see if they have any work for him.
  • the seattle sounders FC
  • cycling. he has a fabulous road bike, and dave recently got him some more gear for riding. he and dave are training for the STP in july. speaking of which, don’t forget to click on that purple ‘team in training’ link on my sidebar and help them raise money to fight blood cancers like the multiple myeloma that our good friend, todd, (shane’s former soccer coach) is fighting!
  • air soft guns.
  • food. any kind of food. the more, the better.

shane doesn’t like:

  • school. as in, the work.
  • having to wear clothes which are ‘embarrassing’. he has lots of opinions in this area… not entire sure what is influencing his fashion sense, but it’s a little odd.
  • having to go places or do things which are imposed upon him (as opposed to making his own schedule)
  • wearing a coat.

layla likes:

  • school. pretty much everything about it.
  • singing. she is almost never NOT singing or humming something.
  • drawing, writing, coloring… nothing new there.
  • alex. there is a boy at school who has been in her class for the last 2 years. she loves him. she is convinced she’s going to marry him. she fills up papers with little hearts and messages that say “I love alex”, and draws pictures of the two of them as grown ups and the house they will live in… hmmm… not sure how I feel about this.
  • books. now that layla is getting to be more proficient at reading. she does it constantly. she loves that she can read some chapter books now. it’s pretty funny though, because I don’t think she’s figured out that she can read silently yet!
  • dogs. anything having to do with dogs. she gasps and says “awwww” every.single.time. we pass a person walking a dog down the street, or a dog with its head out a car window…
  • phineas and ferb, martha speaks, clifford, dogs with jobs, 19 kids and counting, AFV.
  • bacon and olive pizza she will eat at least 3 slices every friday.
  • anything ‘rock star’. this has kind of a broad definition.
  • being a ‘big kid’
  • losing teeth!

layla doesn’t like:

  • when she doesn’t understand her homework. generally, it’s a total breeze and she doesn’t need any help at all. every now and then, (usually if she’s tired or distracted) she has a bit of trouble and it is SO frustrating!
  • milk, cheese, yogurt, etc. same as before.
  • doing chores.
  • having her hair done.
  • wearing a coat.

micah likes:

  • legos. mostly right now, it’s the big duplos. I was almost ready to get rid of them and now he is suddenly obsessed with them!
  • trains. toy, real, thomas, whatever. still loves them.
  • any fruit, yogurt, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, peanut butter sandwiches, mac & cheese, carrots, corn on the cob, and pretty much any junk food. this is pretty much all micah will voluntarily eat.
  • preschool. loves it!
  • drawing. it is constant now, and I love it!
  • painting.
  • PBS kids computer games.
  • wii games
  • phineas and ferb, martha speaks, the cat in the hat, curious george, super why, clifford, AFV
  • pretending stuff. (it’s hilarious!)
  • wearing various different hats. usually one of the winter hats that gramma jackie has made him.
  • pretending to be a dog (I’m afraid this was contagious.)

micah doesn’t like:

  • dinner.
  • chores.
  • having to turn off the tv, computer, wii, etc.
  • kiwi. one of the few fruits he won’t eat.
  • coming home. it doesn’t seem to matter where we’ve been, as soon as we pull into the driveway, he gets upset. apparently he would always rather be going somewhere else. of course, when we are home, and have to leave to go somewhere, he never wants to get ready to go, either, so there you go. you figure it out!

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