Monday, January 30, 2012

week 4 in pictures

sunday:062 micah has been learning the story of noah and the flood in sunday school. this is the ark he brought home.

monday:058 the snow is melting, but we still have a bunch in the yard. the big pile is what dave shoveled out of the trampoline last week. micah had fun exploring crunchy, slushy snow all over the backyard, and being able to climb up the pile to get into the trampoline.

tuesday:016 cherries can sometimes be difficult for little kids to manage, with the pit you have to spit out, and all. this is how micah solves that problem.

wednesday:063 after last week’s snowy, no power chaos, we are back to the normal and mundane. yup. so normal and mundane, the only picture I have for wednesday is layla doing homework.

thursday:002micah’s first day of preschool!

friday:021 the kids had the day off of school for a teacher work day (yeah, I know!) and layla spent a good share of the day playing polly pockets. she was excited to show me that she had them doing pushups. it’s important to get a good workout in, you know!

saturday:Picasa5 watching prairie house, munching popcorn, looking cute. pretty typical.

I don’t have a collage of ‘extras’ this week, but I am including an 8x10 of layla’s creative endeavor of the week.Picasa6

that’s it!

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