Thursday, January 26, 2012

week 3 in pictures

this week is pretty uniform. snow. snow. snow. and more snow. yes, where we live, this is totally photo-worthy. and even if it wasn’t, this is project life, so it’s photo-worthy anyway! there was no school all week and the kids loved it!

sunday:Picasa after I decided to see if I could do any handstand pushups, the kids decided they wanted to try. (except shane, who doesn’t like to try anything unless he already knows he can do it.) layla and micah helped each other get into hand stands. it was pretty cute. if you want to know why they both have masking tape on their foreheads, you’ll have to ask layla.

monday:037 layla and micah spent the day sledding with neighborhood kids on the hill. they had so much fun. I love this picture. I think it perfectly captures so many aspects of sledding. 3, unrelated, previously barely acquainted neighborhood kids, crammed on a sled which should not be able to hold that many people, the backwards lean, the looks of delight/fear… it’s just awesome.

tuesday:007 love this. we had a bit of a thaw, followed by a bunch more snow. I posted this on facebook, and a friend appropriately captioned it, “oops. I dropped my head.”

wednesday:Picasa1 this was disgusting and hilarious all at the same time. shane and micah were out in the evening, having a blast in the backyard. shane had thrown a bunch of snowballs at the sliding glass door and lots of the big chunks of snow had stuck there and were slowly sliding down. micah, resident snow-eater, started eating them off the glass. the funny part was… well, everything was funny, but the snow kept sliding around, and he was chasing it with his mouth, and then he would smoosh his face up against the glass… the whole thing had me cracking up while I was taking pictures.

thursday:Picasa2 we lost power several times during the week, but thursday was the day it was out all day. it was on at about 1 when I went to bed, and out at about 6 when I woke up. so I have no idea how long it was out before then. it didn’t come back on until 4 in the afternoon. layla played outside most of the day, but when she came in, we were having to dry snow clothes in front of the fire. we also cooked hot dogs in the fire, heated water for coffee and tea on the fire, stayed warm by the fire. around 2 in the afternoon, I decided I probably should take some of the stuff out of the fridge before it got too warm. so I threw it all out on the deck into the snow. good time to have a power outage. layla, was also excited to discover that, although she couldn’t watch tv, play wii, use the computer, or watch a movie, she could use her leapster! yay for batteries!

friday:049 after another day of playing in the (now very wet) snow, shane, micah and I played a game of sorry in front of the fire.

saturday:053 no more snow today! just a lot of sloppy slush and a ton of rain. I ventured out for the first time and made a crazy trip to costco (along with everyone else in the whole world!) dave stayed home and scraped wallpaper off the kids’ bedroom wall. no more winnie the pooh! next will be paint… eventually.

and the extras… mostly involving snow.Picasa3Picasa4 

that’s it! week 3.

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