Sunday, January 8, 2012

week 1 in pictures!

here we are, 1 whole week in to 2012. I’m so excited to start my new project life album. (and to finish the last one, and the two before that…)

we had an interesting, busy week. highs and lows… the whole gamut. who would want to start off the year boring? well…

sunday:055 the main picture I have for sunday is layla, with NO teeth up top. but then…2012-01-01  there’s the big collage from that day:

  1. shane lighting fireworks at midnight.
  2. layla and micah banging pots with wooden spoons with me.
  3. everyone with sparklers (and layla freaking out).
  4. micah made a little round train track and decided it needed a tree to go in the middle of it. so he went and got their little tree out of their room, took the decorations off, and stuck it in the middle.
  5. finnigan and micah playing with the ‘to-do-do-do’.
  6. the birthday boy, finally 30!
  7. presenting dave’s birthday confetti cupcakes.
  8. no teeth layla
  9. happy birthday to you!
  10. stories with gramma and…
  11. stories with grandma!

monday:096we all loaded up and headed over the mountains to leavenworth!2012-01-02 we had lunch at gustav’s. I had a bratwurst and even ate the sauerkraut. then we poked around in shops and had a ton of fun seeing all the sights.2012-01-021 then it was time to go sledding. it was getting dark, all the christmas lights were lit in the town, it was beautiful. the sledding hill was solid ice, but the kids had fun sliding down. it even started to snow!

tuesday:008 laurie, layla and I met my mom and dad at hobby lobby to look around. layla was IN LOVE with the crafty stuff and wanted to live in the crayola aisle. after that it was time for gramma and papa to pack up. we headed to rainforest café at south center for dinner before taking them to the airport.

wednesday:016 well, shane and micah were sick ALL night, and dave got sick the next day. I went to safeway for ‘supplies’. the checker took one look at my cart and said, “uh oh!” yup. not a fun day. it was the first day back to school for the kids, and dave was supposed to go to work. layla was the only one who went anywhere.

thursday:017 another recovery day. shane and micah spent the day swapping between the recliner and the mattress I had pulled into the living room. we watched a LOT of movies. we were also watching missy for susie and kevin, so bringing her home cheered everyone up a bit.

friday:2012-01-06 hooray, everyone was better! shane and layla both went to school, dave went to work, and micah and I went to my exercise class and to run errands. in the evening, dave was horsing around with the kids and started using them as weights. they thought it was hilarious.

saturday:2012-01-07 the night before, shane had been cleaning out his closet, and found this big truck and trailer w/ a snowmobile that he decided he didn’t want anymore, so he offered it to micah. the next morning, all 3 of them spent about an hour playing with this thing. first the truck and trailer were used to haul barbies. then the truck was used to haul loads of blocks, while micah used them to build houses, and layla zoomed the snowmobile around the kitchen. polly pockets were driving the truck, barbies were found on shane’s bed, and snowboards were used as barbie accessories. too funny to listen to all the different facets of the game they all invented with the truck shane ‘no longer wanted’. we spent the rest of saturday putting away christmas.

and the extras:2012-01-03

  1. micah, super excited about the ‘storm’ at rainforest café.
  2. micah, super excited about the huge fish tanks at rainforest café.
  3. 2011 project life album with ALL the pictures IN!
  4. the first page in 2012 project life album
  5. bouquet of tulips from my mystery MOM.
  6. 31 christmas books, all wrapped and numbered for next year. ready to be opened ‘advent calendar’ style.
  7. missy, attacking layla’s fur real dog. it was hilarious!

and that’s that! 1 week, in the ‘book’. literally! (well, it will be as soon as I get the pictures back from costco. they’re already ordered and will be ready tomorrow! yes, I’m on top of it!)

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