Monday, January 23, 2012

quick recap:

::edit:: this is posting on the 23rd, but not really. it’s the 26th, and I’m just now getting it posted because blogger wouldn’t run on the old computer. now we’re all set up w/ a new one and all is right with the world! hopefully I’ll be caught up soon! ::end edit::

no, this isn’t last week in pictures. that would require uploading pictures, and I’m not risking that right now. the fact that I’ve even managed to get this program to open and respond is impressive to me. last week, in all of our snow, we lost power repeatedly. usually we would lose it for about an hour or two, but one day, it went out in the middle of the night, and didn’t come back on until about 4 that afternoon. really, though, I’m not complaining. some people were out for like 3 or 4 days! BUT, the result of all that on and off stuff is an apparently UNhappy computer. dave doesn’t know what’s wrong with it yet, and I’m just hoping it’s repairable.

at any rate, I’ve been doing most of my computing via my phone, which I’m glad to have, but it’s a little bit frustrating.

so… saturday, it started snowing.

sunday, it snowed some more.

monday, well, it was a holiday and no school, anyway, but I’m pretty sure there wouldn’t have been any school that day.

tuesday, tons more snow. no school.

wednesday, more snow. no school.

thursday, supposed to warm up and rain, but instead there was freezing rain and even MORE snow. no school.

friday, widespread power outages, warming, thawing, pouring rain, flooding. no school.

by saturday, the roads were sort of clear and we were able to get out. I went to costco (along with everyone else in the entire state) to restock, and then made a target run. dave stayed home with the kids (hallelujah! this was his first day off after working 12 straight days, and some of them quite long because of commuting conditions) and removed wallpaper in layla and micah’s room, and took the bunk beds apart. then we got ready, my parents came over to babysit (thank goodness they were able to get off their hill), and we headed out to dave’s company party.

so now we’re mostly thawed out. the neighborhood streets are a little covered still, which made walking to the bus stop and back this morning a little interesting, since it was still frozen from overnight. very slick. watched the school bus kind of skid to a stop and hoped the rest of the route was free of any major hills.

my yard is still completely covered in snow, but there are a few spots that the grass is starting to show through.

the kids did a ton of sledding and drank a ton of hot chocolate. there were constantly mittens and hats and snowsuits hanging over furnace vents, or on the drying rack in front of the fireplace. – btw, SO thankful we have a fireplace!

it’s nice to be back to normal, though. got back to my regular workout this morning, saw friends, moved my body. yes, normal is good. but so is snow.

I wonder if we’ll get any more major storms this year. as much as it’s fun, going to school until july really isn’t.

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